Eye Of The Heart's Cosmos

Eye Of The Heart's Cosmos
Art by Norman E. Masters

Love Is The Great Unlearning

Making space for observation of our responses to life, we can withdraw a little the better to see. This is detachment without separation. It is not disconnection but a realignment with the axis of soul awareness. It is making space for love's appreciation.

The emotional body tilts off kilter, to wobble in the wind of any variable disturbance. The lesson is the recognition of this way of traveling. The wheel of the conditioned mind must be aligned to the hub of the soul. To the heart.

Without this commitment to sincere looking, the gift of any experience is not unwrapped. Detachment then, is a way to open a book we have prejudged by its cover. It is important to know that we are always in the right place, even when it appears otherwise. This point of perfection is the furthest edge of consciousness we can envisage. It is not beyond imagination, yet we are; and this is the instant of divine acceptance.

It is the unlearning of mechanical responses, of behavioral patterns that veil our correspondence with the universe of Love. In essence this is the entire lesson, the sole path to be followed. We can make it a tour of wonder and discovery, or a painful trek that seems endless. The key to this open door is knowing you are now and ever will be, the pure love of God.

The lesson is always love yourself. Love yourself selfishly and utterly. Love yourself in your humanity and your divinity. Love yourself not blindly, but totally. Accept. There is nothing more you need do. If you can be this playful and carefree, even though you stumble and momentarily forget yourself, you will always be instantly ready to fall in love again. This love will seek you out and claim you, no matter how far you seem to stray.

In a harmless universe, we can only ever harm ourselves by ignoring this love. We can seek a thousand paths looking for answers, for reasons, for enlightenment; but without this acceptance of our perfect home in love -- nothing will work. Nothing works but love. The mind will devise myriad games to distract you from this simple truth. Yet when love plays, all games are revealed as displacement activity. Not even lessons, unless love is the teacher.

Detachment from the constructs of conceptual activity does not mean we can be free of concepts. Just that we can be free to love the structures as this school's playground. The playground is infinite and the only rule is to love ourselves enough, that all who play with us are recognized as this love play. Love pours outwards when the vessel is full. We can love all others knowing they are also just us, in the habit of them. Every heart has the same form of love, and is filled by the same full cup.

Every detour we can take, is a way back to love. There are no coincidences when love is your guide. The only obstacle is to despair of love's perfect truth in you. Love cannot express you, if you separate yourself from what the heart knows. Even this delusion cannot withstand your need of love; and you will return to what you always have been, for love cannot leave.

Unlearning is detaching self from all that seems unloving, to see the love within the experience. Love unlearns everything but love. The path of the heart may seem too simple to be your truth -- until you allow its simplicity to be your path. Separation is the complication of God. Belief in God is not the problem. Belief and disbelief can be, if you make them so. Just love yourself with all your heart, and love shall be your great unlearning.

    Love is the disguise of you.
    What stealth
    to play a subterfuge this way!
    Who would have thought
    it would appear
    as a tramp begging at your door.


Eric Ashford

from Dancing With Sophia


All text on this page is Copyrighted 2001 by Eric J. Ashford.


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