Art by Norman E. Masters

Like a morning
on the wind...

You return to me like a morning fragrance
on the wind, mystically tantalizing me.

Inside us the atoms, themselves, are dancing
in sheer delight -- just the very
thought of you, coming into sight!
All Divine Energy is in Cosmic Dance
jizming thru us, *as* us, uniting us...
across the distances of space
in this blessing of our *together* again...

Would you be surprised
at the roots of peace that go unseen
connecting you and me in Her Essence of
Presence as She permeates all-being?

What was... it keeps changing...
like thoughts thru our minds
like the weather of our heart*beats...
whether now or later,
whether again or oh! yes!

What *is* -- still
a dance of mystery...

Our roots intertwine
thruout all time ahead for us,
anchored around a Rock of Life quality
of a Love that will remain unshakeable
as our lives branch,
reaching out recurrently for each other
thru all the tumults of time...
from life-to-life,
reaching... sometimes touching

For we are filiments
in the Matrix of Eternal Light...

...shining for each other...

as tenderly
as forever can be.

~~wynn manners
19.Sept.06/ 21.Sept.06

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