Cosmic Teat

Cosmic Teat
Art by Norman E. Masters

You! You! You!

When as a child our lips would suckle
we were first drawn to Your breasts of sustenance.

And the taste of Your milk was sweet upon our young tongues
and we would gurgle our joy in You...

When eyes opened to the gift of sight
it was to be drawn to Your beauty in the radiant light

And Your love smile would bless us
into each gentle good night...

When our ears would hear -- how they would perk up
when the sounds of You drawing near would tickle our laughter...

When Your hands would touch us, would not our own hands
reach to grasp a single finger, or squeeze Your nose
or tug at Your ear, fingerpointing "Eyes!"
& You would encourage us with love shining from them.

Our nose would know the fragrance of Your nearness,
we who saw You as but *one* for our formative years...
then beyond this nurturing one
for the many in Your One have *all* nurtured us,
in this way, in that way... all the variable
experiencings of Your Presence.

All the glories of the universe...
the stars & the woodland streams
the mysteries of birth of consciousness
& death-in-life, the mysteriousness of dreams
all draw us nearer to You...

Life brings us nearer You -- to *know* You
death -- too... Being treated with rejection, hatred, attack,
feeling alienation -- Who are we to go to but You?
To understand the mystery of our deepest selves --
Who can such be but You?
That there *is* fertility... mutability...
metamorphosis... You! You! You!

You crooned to us in our infancy; You grew us
from within into this unutterable wonder of You...
and now, in our maturity, we woo the Nameless *You*,
all-Blessing, all-YesSing, all-BlisSing...

~~wynn manners
19.Oct.2003/ 7.Nov.2003

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