Womb of Soul Generation

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Sermon Of The Heart

In the beginning was the Heart; and all that it was, was the Infinite Heart. It knew not of holiness. It knew not of sacred being. It was original Beauty, yet it knew not of its Beauty. It was All. Then from within itself, a seed of discontent was nurtured. Beauty desired to be reflected as other, that it might gaze upon itself; and so I was born into the Universe of you. The Youniverse. A spiral of us, within the One Heart of All.

Each of us carries the Heart within the heart still. We bear God and She bears us in the womb of Love. Our conditional heart contains still that original seed of discontent, planted beyond time. That seed is forever being nurtured into new aspects of the one Beauty. Like any seed it must be cultivated and nourished. A seed is a husk containing life. The shell is only the encasement of the heart. That sheath protects the jewel from the thief of love, our own forgetfulness of who we are.

Beauty desires to make love within us. That is why energy, as sexual energy arises, that the shell of bodily projections can be entered into with sacred longing. This is the awakening of sacredness. We remember that we are in truth a holiness of expressed energy. The movement of spirit... And so, we make love to God in the world of substance in the One Heart always.

The shell of the heart that contains the Heart must dissolve and return to the ground of all becoming; but the heart within is inviolable, being still the Heart of All That Is. The transience of the shell is the release of Beauty, that it may once again look upon the mirror of you as itself, unclothed by forgetfulness. We are God's forgetting, and Her remembering; and so we are Her becoming within Her Being.

We are as little children that suffer, yet do not know that the cause of our suffering is this acceptance of Her birth pain. When we know how to suffer Her, we will no longer consider suffering as pain, but only Her love. In the beginning, there was only You; and you did not know me. Now that you suffer me to be your love, we suffer each other to make love our reality again.

This is the sermon of the heart. It is a sermon the heart preaches to everyone, in many different ways, according to their understanding. It calls you to make love, in order to be the Love that you are. It calls you to plant and multiply, and know that what you do in love's name is done in the One Heart for Love, until the seed of your own heart breaks open, and you come to know there is nothing but this Love, with no shell between us.


Eric Ashford

from Dancing With Sophia


All text on this page is Copyrighted 2001 by Eric J. Ashford.


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