Art by Norman E. Masters

In Your Fullness

Why does Your Divine Love conceal Yourself
-- except to reveal Yourself?

Is it a game of "hide-&-seek"?
If Your Love were not hidden from us,
why would we seach to *find* You --
with all the strength of our longing?

From a sense of absence, of unknowing, of division
arises the intensitudes of longing for awareness of Your Presence,
of being enwrapped in Your Love, of Knowing You intimately,
of this blissful sense of Unity-in-You, restored...

Without sense of deprivation -- there can be no
gladsomeness in *re*storation... Without the tests
of embroilments in time, no deepest appreciation
of *resting* in You, blessing Your blissings, sublime.

Thus You veil Yourself, Beloved, from our immediate *see*ing
in the most hidden center of our innermost being!
Always *here*! How could we have been so unaware!?

What teachings did our minds buy into that taught us differently?

For we have made an eternal bond, each with each, Beloved,
in our heart-of-hearts -- soul-to-Soul, spirit to Eternal Spirit --
in Remembrance we would hold forever, with the words:
"I AM eternally Thine & Thou are eternally Mine."

She has inSpirited Her Love into our souls
& transformed them holy-in-Her.
Like seeds planted in the holy ground of Her,
like spermatiLogos engendering in the womb of Her,
we are birthed into Full Blossoming in Her...

~~wynn manners

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