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    Yeshua and Mirya

Miryai's eyes were stars of passion, burning for him. Never had Yeshua met a woman like this, before. The mystery of her was alluring to him... Priestess of Golden Isis, she knew the feminine mysteries...

So refreshing & wondrous to him, the radiance of her mature beauty...

Sometimes her eyes were like mirrors of his own; then it was like infinity mirroring infinity mirroring infinity mirroring infinity. He could have fallen forever into her eyes. Her eyes were a portal to the infinitudes, his a gateway to the same, infinity interfusing infinity, endlessly looping in... It was easy to get lost into each other, only to find each other again in arms that never felt so awesomely filled, before.

As Yeshua looked into her eyes (how dazzling her smile was, to his eye's caress) he felt a deep tenderness in his heart for her.... & his soul was singing a song that had never been, before, in all time... his soul's hymn to this Mystical Rose enflaming his ardor.

There was a golden lilt to her voice -- just for him -- that made it magickal for him.

He could've written poems in homage to her beauty, her silent eyes, the secret thunders in both their hearts, the delicate way her left forefinger would trace the contours of his face, in musing caress...

He walked and talked with God... but there were veils to other Mysteries to be seen in Miryai's eyes... & a promise of reunification with Goddess -- something his Heavenly Father, Himself, had not yet managed.

Maybe thru the Son even the Father would yet be saved!

Miryai saw in Yeshua a sanctuary for the Infinite Presence, much as he saw her as a living shrine of the shimmering Presence of Sophia.

She saw in him a confluence of strength and humility... a way to regeneration for humanity... & his compassion reached to the core of her caring... resonating with her own tender mercies.

She wanted to soar with him -- into the shimmering depths of the pleroma of eternity; he wanted to flow into her like quicksilver, merging...

In each other they recognized the eternal throbbing of the turbulencies of their heartblood rivers... converging in the Ocean of Eternity... merging their dreams, melding in heartbliss, fusing their souls into the Holy Whole. In their infinite intertwining, each brought the other into touch with the eternities & infinitudes, joining Heaven and Earth, rejoining Alaha to His Shekhina, again.

She could rock him like the wind in a staggering blast. Her passion, too, could be that of fierce anger!

           ~~wynn manners

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