Photo by Gamaliel Masters

is there some week
out there that is not holy?

Inner tongue is the thinking mind 
inner eyes, the remembering mind. 

When either of these tongues mis-speak 
what the eyes see 
when the body mis-does 
what eyes see- 
Tao flow is hindered 
will of the Most High turns aside 
a lesser light shines 
the jubilee of the Seraphim lessens. 

What makes the tongue mis-speak 
or body mis-do 
and eventually, the eyes mis-see? 

Does a strong one come to wrestle me to the ground 
does such a one grab my tongue and hand 
and lead them where they would not go? 

Or do I turn aside from you 
forgetting that I am remembered by you 
forgetting that I am member of you 
as is all else in this world?

Frank John Culley

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