In Celebration of Faith

Faith is the Light of the Spirit
(& Love is the Spirit's Heart).
Cherish the Spirit.

Faith is the vibrant light of heaven
that leads us thru labyrinths of darkness.

Faith leads us to the Source-Spring of life's being -- pure Love.
Faith begets a simple wonder, an unconscious strength,
a magnanimity of heart. The union of faith & love
begets a very paradise. Come into
this union in sweet good faith.

Faith is endowed with every grace;
Faith is an elevation of the soul,
a devotion to the Holy --
& what Faith mated to Love can *grow*
knows no bounds.

Faith & Love are the living fruits of the lucidity of the soul.

Faith looks thru & beyond to the Higher Law.
Faith serves only the Highest Purposes.
Faith is our heart*friend, our soul*home,
our love*mate. Faith marries us to the Divine --
in Spirit, in Truth, & in total consecration.
Only in the Unity of Faith*Love can
the marriage of true minds be consummated.

Faith awakens our hearts into loving -- more widely.
Faith & Love are the milk of the Divine,
the energy that makes our lives shine --
optimistically, hopefully, serenely, joyfully.
Faith & Love are the bosom of the Mother of Eternities.

Faith keeps Hope alive forever.
Faith purifies Love.
Faith is the seal of immortality.
Faith literally moves mountains.

In Faith & in Love we shall be
perfectly joined in perfect joy amidst
the blossoming of the Garden of God*dess.

Faith lives in harmony, emanates a serenity that calms & consoles.
Faith begets purity purity purity -- in communion with the Holy.
Faith is the SourceForce of the soul's depth & vitality &
internal fire -- measureless in its potency.

Faith is the intensified-universal-divine, planted as a hidden
seed in the essence of each of us -- thru which we growingly
evolve thru a spiritual metamorphosis.

Faith is the integrity of the Spirit by which
your soul awakes to its deepest parts, & thru which
you manifest your major life*Works of compassionate Loving.

Faith teaches Love's Wisdom from the beginning of our New Lives.

Faith is nourished by this Evolution-in-the-Spirit.

Faith shares the wine of peace, the cup of love, the heights of bliss.
Faith justifies us to New Life in the evolving Divine Purpose.

Faith is a turning-point in life, Light*touching us to a profounder
understanding of the higher order.

Faith provides us strength & courage thru life's
trials, eruptions & deepest dilemmas. In Faith we bear-up
with fortitude, perseverance & conscientiousness.

Faith teaches us how to endure illness & death.
In Faith is our assurance of rebirth.

Only in truth & fullness of Faith are we ever fully human(e),
for in Faith we are fused with the invisible holy Spirit
ThaT weds us into Divine Love.

In Faith, as in Love, there is no need to hate.
Hate betrays Faith just as jealousy betrays Love.
But in the Divine -- Who is Love'sFaith -- there is no betrayal.

Faith gives us hope & confidence amidst time's esssential
metamorphoses. Illumination comes suddenly, like the lightning
from east to west; but the Fullness of the Kindom requires
immense purification & uttermost devotion.

In Faith's deepening (as in Love's) the distance between us
does not separate us -- but joins us in Unity.

Faith & Love are twin-souls in their nourishing Purity --
uniting us in the Divine ThaT embosoms us & has wombed us
into this wombworld to birth a transformed tomorrow --
from seeds heart-planted today.

Faith is a holy hush -- & your very life's next breath.


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