Origin of the Cosmos - Goddess Mother of Creation

Art by Jonathon Earl Bowser

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Embracing Sophia


101.) I Am Isis, I Am Sophia
by wynn manners

"From the first dawn of memory to the last transfiguration of love
I Am Isis, I Am Sophia, I Am Goddess of a million Names"

102.) Angel of My Midnight Musings
by wynn manners

"How do the angels wander, even now, and since time began
... to see the works of time? And why?"

103.) Living Mystery, Light Eternal
by wynn manners

"You are the living link Who inweaves all Being;
& we harbor Your fire within our own sacred life-flamings"

104.) Rooted In Her
by wynn manners

"Living Fruits of Wisdom *are* the fruits
of the Tree of Eternal Life."

105.) moonlight and laughter
by wynn manners

"floating in moonlight & laughter, inhaling
Your sweet perfume as you give me to drink
of the dark wine of Andromeda"

106.) heartbeat of forever
by wynn manners

"Stretching across all Time and Space, Shekhina,
the stars, themselves, are a part of the Veil
of Your numinous Mystery"

107.) Your Web of Infinite Fineness
by wynn manners

"soul-fibers of living light, intermeshed
with soul-fibers of others
disguise Your mystical Darkness, Beloved..."

108.) How Delectable You Are
by wynn manners

"Mother of the All
i hear Your call
like the melody of the Infinite"

109.) chalice
by wynn manners

"you are my sweetness & light
you are my temptation & teasing
you are my dancing & pleasing"

110.) Strange Felicities
by wynn manners

"So many strange shapes of Your beauty
in the wide & luminous world
...revelling in strange felicities"

111.) Translucent Moments With You
by wynn manners

"touching in... diaphonous remembrances...
peace settling in like the rainbow dust of falling stars
gathered in a net of dreams, angel-sprinkled"

112.) WithYou
by wynn manners

"In our bodies borne of stardust,
Spirit animates to ascend from dust
to the farstars of our longing..."

113.) You are the only dance to go to
by wynn manners

"We dance in You
& You dance in *us*."

114.) Seer*Cry Out of the Secrecies
by wynn manners

"Inhaling Your fragrances
works a kind of powerful sorcery inside us...
Your becomingness, beckoning..."

115.) Upon the Loom of Time
by wynn manners

"beginning to see more deeply
into the unfathomable & all-pervading
domain of mystery that is every*here"

116.) awakening...
by wynn manners

"it is like the whole universe
moves within each of us..."

117.) Dancing the Divine Yes!
by wynn manners

"She calls to our world on schedule; from the outside
of our awareness She is going *in*side to mutate the changes"

118.) deep inweaving...
by wynn manners

"promising life's purposes will reach fruition
lovelife's overbrimming blessings"

119.) Come to me on Spirit's wings
by wynn manners

"Light patterns interweaving, inter*twing!*ling
jizming light*threads enwrapping, helixing, coiling...
silkenstrands of light, cadent light*blossoms"

120.) In the Heart of the Mystical Rose
by wynn manners

"In the heart of the mystical Rose, my soul feels
in touch with the eternities & the infinitudes..."

121.) Into Your Immensitudes
by wynn manners

"in the flowering of the soul
we cast our flesh petals to the winds of time"

122.) just this YES!
by wynn manners

"i am the YES! of ecstasy
undressing the naked Real..."

123.) Knocking At The Door Of Your Heart
by wynn manners

"The simplest ways bring the supreme delights
freeing up our days,
wonder-filling our nights..."

124.) Be Her Loving
by wynn manners

"Be the mirror of Her Divine Wisdom,
be the crystal of Her Radiances
be the Logos of Her Speaking
be Her Loving into Time"

125.) You verify me...
by wynn manners

"You are the Mouth kissing all Mysteries into mystic being...
our deaths, Your inhalation, our birthing,
Your exhalation in NewLife exhaltation..."

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