Christ Sun

Christ Sun
Art by Unknown

Mary Magdalene,
Chalice of Divine Love

You take me into the secret chambers of my being
to reveal the deepest secrets of my soul.
In my nakedness before you I feel holy
like I can never feel when clothed before others.

It is in the way your gaze
caresses me liquidly, meltingly, all-lovingly...

O Mary -- the teachings of your heart
you have yet to impart...
One moment you are so lively before me,
the next... still uncertain...
One moment so bright & animated,
the next, so flickering...

One moment the brightness of the sun,
the next the shyness of moon behind demure clouds...
then like a candle in the vagrant breeze,
but fragrant with intimations of secrets
vast & awesome like womb of stars
& milk of living light
from the breasts of our Mother's Generativity...

The soft brightness of your love is an ever-joy to me.
You gladden my heart & transmute me golden with felicity.
You are my living temple of love divine,
the holy shrine in which I shine...

~~wynn manners

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