Cosmic Penetrance

Cosmic Penetrance
Art by Norman E. Masters

You Are The
Banquet Divine, Beloved

Sophia --

You have come to us like a Dream Come True... as the Divine Force of Liberation.

You open a Path before us to begin new life *in* You. Your Essence of Being is the wonderful Universal Spiritual *Fact* of the evolutionary spiraling of Awakened Consciousness; You are the Living Source of all creativity & speculation; You are our emancipation from the chains of the past.

You are pure.

You are vast.

Death, too, is Your Presence for Change -- metamorphosis unto the new.

The world is being called to take notice of Your universality, ever-dearer Divine Mother of the All. Unlike any of the exclusivistic gods of patriarchy, Your Presence is revealed -- to eyes that spiritually see -- in all genuine Divine Wisdom across the aeons -- thru all who have truly *sought* Wisdom.

What is the meaning of it all? Of life itself -- of pain, of malevolence, of evil, of death?

Why has Your marvellous Divinity, with Your Mothering passion for *all* life, been ignored for so many centuries, Your nurturing taken for granted, Your very existence denied and denigrated?

You remain invisible when we are focussed upon our own egoic ambitions... & whenever we are caught up in the misleading beliefs in which we have been indoctrinated.

You are Presence to be Known with eyes of the child thru the inherent faith we were each born with... before the beliefs of this world & its religions were taught to us, begetting a veil of illusion that has separated womanity from awareness of You.

You are known thru clarity & transparency of Divine illumination, fountaining from Your Presence within.

You reveal aspects of the Unknown from behind all veils of seeming... and what remains concealed are alluring Secrets that give our lives meaning to be in quest of... seeking to enter more deeply Your Mystery.

As guests of Life at the Divine Banquet You Are, we will sing for You and we will dance *in* You -- divinely infilled with Your Awesomeness.

~~ wynn manners
14./15 July 2003, 31.October 2004
~~from the Silver Journal

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