Sophia Celestia Embracing Earth

Sophia Celestia Embracing Earth
Art by Unknown

~ Great Mother's Words ~

Where are My hands My feet My voice? Walk into the soul of me and become one~ I am Goddess Infinite, Great Mother~ Glory and Peace is found in doing My Will Chosen Vessels mortal You may scan the merger download the knowledge I am the world's heart Beat with me In real time Reality walks many paths doing my bidding The dreams hold you in wonder Where you see my face~ Hear my voice~ I dream the universe upon a bed of stars I sigh the breath of eternity unto realms not yet formed The drifts of time swim in my vastness I lift you up upon the timeless void and set you to watch with me If you so wish Who is my favored child but you Dear Heart? Who do I come to so quickly? The presence of me is in you and all my children who yearn to be near me I am a good mother My ALL is yours This I promise

~By Rita Adan
Copyright 2/17/06

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