Rainbow Heart Oval

Rainbow Heart Oval
Art by Norman E. Masters


*Be* this day that She embraces.
Be within Her as lightsome delightsome as
a secret rainbow in the heart of this moment.

Be Her living Dream, enfleshed;
& be Her reality into time.

Be a Bringer of Her visionary Dreams
that can *save* this world
from the nightmares
that the ambitions of greed
seed into shortsightedness.

In the Light of Love
we *are* Her dreaming;
& our vision comes from Her
as SourceForce of All that is...

Her wisdom supplements every religion,
every spiritual path...
& seeds renewal & awakening...

Our lives *are* the living
of this world's make-up.

World evolved our life-forms
into being, to be seeding life
to still lifeless worlds.

It is a long ascendance
this life-dance thru time
from ocean to earth to stars...

We *are* Her Living DreamSubstances
-- blood of Her heartwholeness --
who dream the furthest.

Dreams are supposed to restore Images
from past lives, of wisdom lost into time,
of all that *was*... eons before remembrance,
of all that has been nameless, forever past,
thru dream-potency, made nameable...
of all that is to be, in futures
otherwise unimaginable...

Nowhere is She *more* powerful
than in what She seeds into our dreams
to blossom all potentialities to come...

When the living DreamSubstances we are
awaken into Her,
we awaken into the Eternal.

~~wynn manners
April 3, 2005

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