Wings Of The Heart

Wings Of The Heart
Art by Norman E. Masters

Cadent Lightfall

The organic is implicate in the matrix of matter interfused with the living light of organic stars. Stars are alive, too, in ways humans do not yet recognize; harboring & radiating the divine fire of Life, their living light fueling our own sacred life-fire mutating, transfusing, transforming, thru infinite variation the ever-complexifying tissues of life -- bringing into being new senses... esping, kitheing, unnamed senses yet to be more fully developed...

Each of us is a part of the mystic dance of stars & flesh thru time & eternity, enwrapped in the wonder of the Divine All viewing He/rself thru an infinitude of eyes and senses still unknown to humanity.

Birthing... from star energy... creatures of intellect, of vision, of feeling, of deep sensitivity, starseeds' own living visions of delight in cadent flesh's light*metamorphosis, unfolding/ infolding into each other in mindtouch*dreammesh.

Stars are Your Living Eyes of Heaven, Beloved... & to wonder at their shining is another variety of the blessedness of wondering in *You*.

Dreams of stars are expressed in Your light*songs and we are Your sussurant dream*spill, Your living light*threads, silken*strands of Your Spirit inlacing, enloving, interweaving soul*speak, hearts*interknitting.

That the Divine Mystery of You can never be fully known (how to know all to be known about the Living Infinite, afterall... for do we not surprise each other, still, after decades of knowing one another?)... but to know this *part* of You as the divine fire of Life within us *fuels* our spiritual energy, coalescing, plunging into, spiraling in/thru, *expanding* in You... regenerating us, discovering the golden heart*threads that link us -- in the inner innermost, into Your harmony...

Jan. 11th, 2004, revised Jan. 31, 2004
~~wynn manners

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