Higher Self

Higher Self
Art by Unknown

~ Heart Journey ~

Brother I saw your heart in the rainbow

The one you said was at the end of the earth and sea.
Goddess bent and twirled the waters with Her fingers.
She blew the winds with Her breath.
I heard Her shout "Walk into the soul of Me!"
Looking into Mary's eyes
You leapt upon your feet and went to Her
Embracing your Beloved.

Glancing back to me with a smile and winking
You threw me a seashell and I caught it!
You both ascended, sailing into the sunset of your Spirit
Fading into the everchanging hues of colorful depth.

Mesmerised by the lovely rainbow
Upon your soul
I watch and wait.  My turn will come.
I see infinity is leaping upon the seas!
I feel Issa's heartbeat in the surf.

I hear the dolphins call my name
Jumping in and laughing!
I tumble and I swirl
Into my own sea of eternity
Gently tumbling
Breath as Dreams
Sky gulls floating, transcending
Twinkling sunrays following
All Is~
Just as it should be.

~by Rita Adan
Copyright 1/3/07

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