Dance Of The Rainbow

Dance Of The Rainbow
Art by Norman E. Masters

I am...

For a long time I have prayed to Sophia when I needed wisdom or discernment. I consider myself her daughter, The White Buffalo Woman. I believe she has the faces of many goddesses, so she is able to say, in the fullness of her being:

I am FLORA, the daughter, Greek goddess of springtime and abundance. I am the beloved of my mother earth and my father heaven. I dance with the joy of living and discovering. The world stretches out before me as a land of opportunity.

I am MAI KU, the maiden, Japanese protectress of animals and innocence. My gentle spirit cherishes and nurtures all that is vulnerable. I walk reverently and trustfully along my path, clothed in beauty.

I am APHRODITE, the blood-sister, Greek goddess of passion. I am a sister to all women and they are sisters to me. I am raised up by womankind, out of the waters of innocence, into the blood of creativity and compassion. I arise, confident and ready, into womanhood.

I am HERA, the lover, Greek queen of heaven. I revel in bodily love, and, although Zeus betrays me, I maintain my spirit and my dignity. I continue to love and bless the world.

I am TELLUS, Roman mother of the world. From my womb spring all crops, animals, humanity, justice, and mercy. I survey all that I have begotten and declare it good.

I am DEMETER, the midwife, Greek goddess of the crops. With my love and my tears, I draw my daughter, Persephone, back from the underworld each spring to bless the world. I sustain all women in their labor and aid all who travail.

I am ISIS, the Amazon, Egyptian mother of heaven. I spread my wings to shelter all who are threatened. I go forth in my strength to right all wrongs.

I am MARY, the matriarch, Christian mother of God. I encompass great triumph and great tragedy. I remain constant in faithfulness and courage through the entire cycle of birth, death, and resurrection. I am who I am.

I am DURGA, the priestess, Indian slayer of monsters. I am the ruthless destroyer of all that holds us in bondage and hampers our recreation. I am terrifying, because I am stronger than all evil.

I am BRIGIT, the sorceress, Celtic goddess of procreativity, creativity, and recreativity. With my spear, I lead warriors into battle. With my magic, I stir the cauldron of change. With my courage, I transform the world.

I am SHO KANNON, the crone, Chinese goddess of wisdom and serenity. I sit upon my lotus, surveying the whole world with equanimity, for I have learned much, including that my love is stronger than destruction. I embrace everything yet am attached to nothing. In living and in dying I remain the same.

I am KALI, the dark mother of India. I preside over death and rebirth. My cruelty, in clearing away the old, grows from my creativity, in making way for the new. I complete the circle of life.

I am KUAN YIN, the transformer, the Buddhist goddess of compassion. I am She Who Hears the Cries of the World. I sit at the center of the circle of life, weaving together all the qualities of the goddesses and all the stages of womanhood.

Sophia is our muse, speaking through our metaphors, informing our truths with Truth. Her daughter is Aletheia, she who must not be drowned in the River Lethe, the river of forgetfulness. Her daughter is also me,

Your sister,
Merry Hall

Jan 12, 2001

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