Unio Mystica Detail

Unio Mystica Detail
Art by A. Andrew Gonzalez
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Queene of May

Christ speaks to Mary Magdalene in the Bridal Chamber of Wisdom:

Can you hear, Beloved, the thundering in my heart for you --
or does it remain secret to the enigmatic Silence of your gaze,
your shining eyes, the delicacy of your hands, folded upon themselves
like a dove, resting from flight...  like you are holding, clasped within
them, tenderly, the very heartbeat of the world... & it is my heart
you are holding close to yours...  Then a flicker of delicate movement,
as your hands flutter to settle in your lap... & now i can but wonder
what deliciousness they cover, what priceless pearl is hidden within them,
what excitements, enticements into what mysteries...

It is the delicately silent sound of secret thunders i feel
looking into your eyes... no surmise... just wondering in the sweet silence,
your beauty a radiance unto me, curve of lips the contours of flesh-petals,
blush of cheek (what are you thinking? your eyes demure, now), dimple of chin,
flare of nostrils as you breathe in fragrance of frankincense & myrrh,
the lilting lift of your eyebrows, curve of ears, the long flow
of your throat; i gaze a showering of delicatest kisses all
over each blessed feature of you, an inundation of imaginary caresses.

You tweek a small smile as if secretly knowing... your eyes so warm,now...

Let us but wonder, still, in this sweet silence of each other...
so very close but not quite touching & *feel* the energies that flow
between us, such a subtle interchange...  Yet thru these energies
we come to know each other so much more sensitively, thru the most delicate
of caresses, pure energy, itself, permeating *thru* our skin to ripple all-thru
into the deeper internitudes... sweet bliss of beatitude... just *being*
with You, Beloved...  Your silent beauty is the words-into-flesh
that my heart is singing, your every nuance of movement a delicate
flow of delicious melody.  Queene of May... may i?

May 3rd, 2003
~~wynn manners


Art by Norman E. Masters

"Embrace me as your emptiness..."

Mary Magdalene, addressing Christ, in the Bridal Chamber of Wisdom:

Beloved ~

Embrace me as your emptiness and fill me with your love...
i am an empty vessel, a chalice of holy yearning for you...
i am the melody the harp of heaven has never played... play me now...
Bring the melody of all i can be into living music...

Play me all lovingly and my heart will blossom and grow in strength and beauty
for you... for the bright promise of the fullness of your loving
uplifts my heart and stirs an inward music that makes me want to sing
all my love for you as you play me, play me, all-caressingly, so very lovingly...

What Spirit, this, so invisibly stirring in me, that makes me fountain forth
all this love for you... Be thou the Eternal Guest, receiving my kisses,
filling my arms, blessing me with your best, nesting in me so exquisitely....

And take me into infinite ecstasies... annihilate my every sense
of self unto selflessness in this rapturing of endless bliss in *you*!

Oh come! come! come! into me, & fill me like the surging Fountain of Eternity!
At the crest of your fountaining it is *our* fountaining; & how i soar,
overflowing for you -- in the more! more! evermoring...

In my nothinging you infill me and i become everything -- All that *you* are!

~~wynn manners

The Feminine Mystique 12

The Feminine Mystique 12
Art by Norman E. Masters

Spouse of Heaven, Come to Earth

Christ speaks to Mary Magdalene in the Bridal Chamber of Wisdom:

In you, Beloved Magdalene, i see *Her*, Spouse of Heaven come to Earth;
for Sophia Amorata has enfleshed as *you*... and with what spontaneous joy
we *re*cognize each other, we who made ecstatic love among the very stars
of the heavens themselves, we whose hearts melted into each other,
singing the Mystery of our Divine Mother's heavenly womb in our divine nuptials.

Now, in intimate fusion, we return to Shekhina's divine garden of bliss...

Your divine kisses whisper your heart*speak; with such tenderness
you caress me & quiver like flower petals in the breeze as i caress
your splendors; such ardour on your face, so reverant,
entranced in such an upwelling of utter devotion and love...

You are blushing, now, Beloved, as i have whispered these words,
and your blush is a bloom of sweetness spreading from your face down
your throat, your breasts now flushing so delightfully, Son-kissed,
niplets abloom like rosy circlets of light, shining aureoles; Shekhina
is being playful... making Her Presence known in your nurturing glories...

Milk of stars titillates celestial meanings to my lips of wonder,
tonguing all teasings, awakening your passion into a frenzy of intensest
yearning... such a curious transformation transfusing you, Beloved, nothing
forbidden now in our increasingly frenzied love*making, shaking you,
volcanic inner fires of your desire deep-quaking you unto shuddering ecstasies.

With a fresh cry of fiercely moaning joy you call for climactic release,
"Come deeper into me!  Come!  Come!  Fill me!  Fill me to overflowing!"

April 29th, 2003
~~wynn manners

Infinity Wrap 7

Infinity Wrap 7
Art by Norman E. Masters

Bearing upon the paradigm that this series of poems is -- at least in *part* -- working within ~~

~~ from Irenaeus's Adversus Haereses:

"For they maintain that the whole besprinkling of light rushed to him, and that Christ, descending to this world, first clothed his sister Sophia [with it], and that then both exulted in the mutual refreshment they felt in each other's society: this scene they describe as relating to bridegroom and bride. <...> Christ united to Sophia descended into him, and thus Jesus Christ was produced." ~~Chapter XXX.-Doctrines of the Ophites and Sethians.


&... from The Gospel Of Philip ~~

"And the companion of the Saviour is Mary Magdalene. But Christ loved her more than all the disciples and used to kiss her often on the mouth. The rest of the disciples were offended by it and expressed disapproval. They said to him 'Why do you love her more than all of us?' The Saviour answered and said to them, 'Why do I not love you like her? When a blind man and one who sees are together in the darkness, they are no different from one another. When the light comes, then he who sees will see the light, and he who is blind will remain in the darkness.'

"The Lord said, 'Blessed is he who is before he came into being. For he who is, has been and shall be.'"


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