The Secret Rapture

The Secret Rapture
Art by A. Andrew Gonzalez
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The Passion Of Our Love

In this Immensitude of happiest happiness
in a heart that remembers this to green:
this poem whose shadows, yourselves are...

I recognized him, immediately, as a delicate soul;
in wonder we met -- both of us knowing...
& now my life is his, due to a startling kiss...

Yeshua was one who was walking thru the winds
of time, of an age, of an aeon, with the fire
of the Spirit flaming him alive
with an intensitude like I'd never witnessed before...
& in his presence, a deep-seeping-in beatitude,
blessing each of us who knew him truly...

I remember that long starry night,
taking wonder in each other,
taking heed of each other's needs...

It was like time, itself, was slip-streaming by,
sometimes steaming! -- sometimes like a dream...

Alone with him I felt a quickening & quivering of myself
feeling my whole heart, mind, body & soul
had become a dowery for God -- & he, to receive it
as an offering of myself into this Immensitude.

I walked in to the wind & the fire of him
to be swept along by the tumult of the river's rapids
of the song my heart was singing for him...

Dissolved was me into what we were, together,
like salt into the sea... The salt of me
lost not its savor for him...

"How close you are..." he said to me
& I was touched by a touch that swept
like the fire on the wind thru my whole being.

"Dissolve me," I said to him.
"I want the nakedness and my Lord..."

I had come to him dressed in my finest wardrobe of hope
& he undressed me, making me nude,
making me wish I was all the green secrets
of life in the world for him to explore
unendingly -- deeper & deeper
into the most hidden secrets of me...

In the passion of our loving
the all of my BodySong was his for the playing --
who was the Song & who was the singing?
who was the melody & who was the harmony?
together, a symphony as long as timelessness
could stretch it upon the harpstrings of this
delicious & delicate desire for each other,
eyes watery as the weathering dawn,
in this tenderness together, we would come...

"How long did I make love to you?" he asked me, once.
"Well... forevers are not long enough," I whispered,
clasping him as close to me as close could be,
wrapping myself around him, holding him inside me...

Always, in our most intimate together
was the Coming of the Holy Light,
Lighting the both of us in the wonder
of our Sacred Union...

You who are the shadows of this poem of remembrance...
go find it, this passion of divine love...
& in awe be all-consumed in the holiness of this awe
in the peace of now... your every breath... beatitude...

I'm from your own inner fire...
I have come into the Darkness inside your own head.
What does that inner Darkness represent?
A void of infinite potentiality... a womb...
a voice speaking to you from the plenum
from which everything is generated.

Come into your cup, your inner grail...
Grail me. I am *his* lips for you --
if *his* are the lips you seek;
I am *Her* lips
if Her's is the Divine Kiss you need.

Is lesser more?
Is better so?
Is more yes?

You are blessed to be alive in a vibrant age
when the consciousness of womanity is awakening,
breaking thru, evolving a return to
all that Eden ever was and more beautifully,
bountifully further into all Eden can ever-be...

~~wynn manners

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