Love of Souls

Love of Souls
Art by A. Andrew Gonzalez
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Lover of my numinosities

The Bride of Light speaks to the Lover of the Light:

Delightful are your words to me, Lover of my veiled numinosities.
Spirit enrapt in Spirit we are, entering the unutterable Mystery of Mysteries,
naked to each other.  The Universe is our Temple,
unfolding itself in endless expansions of boundlessness; 
the stars are our Oracles, beaming canticles of light.

O luminously near! -- this gathering of our joys commingling together
in ineffable delight, amazed in these mazes of intimate wonder,
curious in our exploration of each other,
encircled by the mystery of existence under the heavenly Firmament
(I am your Heavenly Firmament, Love; explore my depths! plumb my Mystery!)

You delight me with the light in your eyes -- how you want me -- all of me!
Splendour surrounds us all aboundingly, boundlessly...
as we embrace to be nested upon the bosom of the All...
o Love, you are my altar and I am *your* altar in this Holy of Holies...
There is reverence in your eyes as you touch me;
I give you my all upon the altar of our love...

The Canticle of Eternity
~~wynn manners

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