Energy Caress 2

Energy Caress 2
Art by Norman E. Masters


i rise, groggily, sleep in my eyes, sleep traces veiling my mind,
lingering dim haze of dream... do i wake yet or do i dream still?
echoes of Your Voice, resonant... what Vision am i awakening from
more real than this life? Your Voice dream-crooning this childe of wonder
out of Your Ocean of Infinity into this dream of time...

& it seems i am interwoven across all times, time, itself, the cross
that changes me, spread-eagled thru the dimensions, what flight this?
feathered hands leaking blood... a fragment of Your Heart in my grasp --
what Gift this? it still lives & pulses... & with each pulse i hear
distant sounds of turbulent water...

o i am a castaway amidst Your spindrift of Dreams, Beloved
fragment of Your Dreaming within the Larger Dream...
& if Infinity is my Home why do i feel so alone, here?

What meanings to the heart-pulsings? Touch them to the water
set Your heart free into the fingers of the sea... flowing, too, into me...
& the inner & outer seas rise like bloodwaves to the moon's misted mystery...

Moon-wonder veiled in mystic mystery... moon-blood... Is wonder, itself
a veil of Your Mystery? Mood-fragrances from the chalice of night*bloom-speak...

i cup the moon in hands a raised bowl of seeking flesh for moonlight's libation...
kneel to touch the water, cup the water, catch a moon*gleam in the dipping
bring moonmystery to my lips... strip naked... *bathe* in moonbeams,
moonmists... moondreams.... clothing me in the diffuse light
of the mystique of Your allure... Now i wonder...
do *i* dream the Dream... or is the Dream dreaming me?

~~from *HeartHope Eternal*

~~wynn manners

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