Sophia, Mother Of The Angels

Sophia, Mother Of The Angels
Art by Gustav Dore

Near Death Experience of Sophia

by Victor Michael Lashewitz


I have seen her several times since Jan. 11, 2001 in mostly visions face to face and one dream of her that felt real. On that date I was taken to Eden in Spirit (Breath, Wind, Cloud) for 18 Earth (GAIA) hours. She sang to me and lifted my heart up so, that early morning and cold winter day. I then saw her alone like the perfect Cosmic Mother that she is and always will be (called Divine Wisdom and Love). She now sings to me every few weeks (Matthew 5:4 "Blessed are they that doth thou art mourn **cry in sorrow for wisdom in all of mankind**, for they shalleth be reassured (comforted) in hope to fulfill their purpose **mission, course** in creation.")

Anyhow I am writing about it only in a story I am writing about called "My Vision of Eden and Sophia (Love)". Without writing about this experience in great detail (proper mannerism); I feel I would do her a great injustice (--tragedy--, *cause her shame*), without describing this vision perfectly.

Since Aug. 12, 1996, from a car wreck, I have had it in a rough way and have had around twenty near death experiences. If I make a few typing mistakes along the way *Journey* forgive me. For I am under trials of being refined. (Molded to do thee Creator's will; Malachi 3:2-3). I am paralyzed. Enough said! No comments needed one way or thee other on this subject for now.

Thus being: In the last eight years I have had many visions, dreams, etc... of the future. God the father side reveals to me in a strange tongue most of the time things that soon will take place; or that must come to pass to fulfill the Creator's Hope, Design, and Will. During my visions of the Maker Father and Creator Love (Mother, Wisdom, Sophia) I see God the Father like a fatherly figure, the written (or spoken) word like dew and it tastes like honey and smells like the most pleasant fragrances (flowers *ladies*, spices *males*, oils *angels or spirits*, wines **--Creation's blood flowing like a perfect river for renewal**--) of the world called Creation (Light or Son, *Messiah, --Jesus of Nazareth per se--*); and the Mother side looks like perfect grace (glory, lady, flower, perfection, Jewel, Diamond, Pearl) dressed in a pure white linen (robe) with eyes like serenity and skin like the softness of milk. Sophia's Eyes are like the serenity of a clear sky (clouds --pure thoughts-- *perfect order of thoughts, spoken or sung words like grace perfected*), and a calm sea (**pure warm loving heart**). Her body (--temple-- or **domain**) was a perfect flawless diamond, pearl, ruby so forth in design, shape, telemetry, magnitude, magnificence, and color etc....

4 Sep 2004

Angels, Cherubs

Angels, Cherubs
from the Dover Art Archives

Early on March 27, 2004, before sunrise, this experience happened to me. I was grocery shopping in a super market around 5:00 am in the morning pushing my wheel chair slowly. I was feeling very sad (blue) about a relationship with a young lady named Elena. I was very down in sorrow and willed to pass on to thee next realm (paradise, heaven?). My essence faded away a few minutes before I made my departure from the store (I died). For about thirty seconds she (Sophia) held me in her midst and she sang to me a song which all thee words I could not remember. My spirit was returned back to Earth because it was not my time to die and she (Sophia), lifted up my sorrow enough that I made it back home and scribed these words as she (Sophia Wisdom’s Love) guided me. Her voice spoke to me like the divine cosmic wisdom of a mother that will always love her child (Spirit Children). I know it was Sophia's voice not only from past experiences, but also from how she could put it into my heart to feel her tenderness (warmth, love, radiance, grace, glory, elegance); and her voice always gets me to sing what she feels for me as she sings the words unto me about thee path in life that I am going through in feelings any given moment.

During this experience this happened to me when my spirit moved on.

I saw choruses upon choruses of holy angels both male and female singing in harmony with thee melody of Sophia's wind spirited voice (billions upon billions). The light was bright, yet soft in overtone, and really looked like the day sky on a clear afternoon. All thee angels appeared to be around thirty years of age with childlike faces. Thee Holy Ghost (Sophia) looked at me from her throne. Somewhere in this point of time I was held in her arms and my spirit's energy was renewed enough to continue my purpose on Earth and my breath (Spirit) was continued (returned to my body on Earth). I really do not know how to explain this part of the experience in written words. In my heart because of sorrow my individual (*-personal-*) Will gave up at that moment on life in everything. I had no energy (*spark*) left in me. My life force was drained. With out Her~~ voice!!!!! (Her word--------, Her song----). I heard Her voice move (*Command*) and feel like thee Wind and with such poise (**perfection**). Her voice saying "Here Heavenly After, in thee Here Heavenly After, My love, Sanctuary awaits thee my child." What ever else happened to me during this experience is lost from my memory for now. <...>

Love always;
Blessings, light, love, & peace to All...
V. Michael Lashewitz
7 September 2004

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