Into The Bright

Into The Bright
Art by Norman E. Masters

Love Divine Wisdom,

breathe each holy breath

"It is said that 'everything God does is done with perfection' and it also speaks of a 'divine plan' and of 'divine love'. Does AIDS make part of your God's plan or of your God's love, if you don't mind me asking? And starvation of hundreds of thousands of people (if not millions) in the world, make of course part of God's love & perfection, doesn't it? And countless other diseases and death? And Satan, does he partake of the divine perfection? And what about the eternal fire of Hell where there are 'weepings and grinding of teeth'?: is it all out of love, that God allows it to take place?"

~~Iago Camboa

Myke Zagreus responds:

As I have said before there is a vast difference between the God of the OT and NT.

With a Gnostic background it is held that the God of the OT was a secondary and imperfect deity full of jealousy, wrath, and needless to say, if this God was imperfect so was the world he created. In some texts he is even equated with Shaitan or Satan, and many well-known esotericists and occultists know this Latin Quote "Demon est Deus Inversus".

It is clear that the God of the NT is much more benevolent and more a God of Love and mercy; yet, all you state still continues, in fact, worsening.

It is easy enough to blame humankind for all the plights he causes, of course; being an imperfect part of creation you could expect as much. But, the blights, the natural disasters, et al, are of an imperfect world, too.

Yet, look not to any God outside of you, for God is within. If each one of us understood this with any great clarity, much of these ill-begotten occurences could be reduced. If each one of us does their own little part of giving love to a family member, a girlfriend or boyfriend, a lover, a marriage partner, a friend, a neighbor, and keeps some perspective of kindness, at least, the world would improve multi-fold.

Instead, we feed on strife. We incur overwrought dramas. Dramas are the norm at the moment between couples, neighbors, society at large, and cultures clashing. Who divided us in religion? None but ourselves. If any God someone adheres to does not include mercy, insisting on acts of contrition when there is none from such god, then that god is not the god one needs to bow to.

So, this prompted me to write the following....

You must remember, your soul rests dormantly
like sleeping beauty awaiting the kiss of awakening.
And, all of our mothers were daughters,
and all of our fathers were sons.
You need to believe you will grow
to read the book of mind more clearly,
read and re-read.

We Are the People of this world.
For there is no more better preamble than this.
We are all demi-gods and demi-goddesses since we are all formed
from the same shadows and the same light.

I am Folly and I become Wisdom.
This is the sacred journey.
Let no one misinterpet for you that you are not holy in your tasks,
lowly as the are in the flesh, a mere reflecting pool of the divine.

We shed our skins like serpents, we clothe our selves with bodies.
We touch, taste, smell and see, and strive to know.
For, if intuitiion is the 6th sense, then, Knowledge is the fifth element,
which is the quintessence of the embodiment of Soul, that which is Spirit
and Feminine in its attractions, no matter the garment.

For you will only be transformed in Mind, transmuted in Soul.
Pure Golden Wonder, Pure One whose sensuality ignites the passions
of ecstasy, for what is ecstasy but a release from ego, not a conjoining to it.
For to be pleased is to please another.
For to be loved is to love another.

Pleasure is not a sin, but a gift.
You should not use it to rip away identity.
You should not use it to denigrate nor stifle.
You should not use it abusively.
You should fluff it like a pillow, caress it like unto flight with feathered wings.
You should sing it like joy, hallelujah!
You should honor it.

You are a Sage, and you will be forlorn many days on end,
and brought down, and challenged all too often.
For in your struggles you shall gain strength of wisdom.

I have fretted that I took a lifetime to learn.
I have complained that my pain has been over-laden.
I have cursed that I have not succeeded.
I have looked  back in sorrow and become solemn.

Yet, as I look further to the source, I see
horizons so gorgeous as to melt my heart.
I see grace in the zebra and fortitude in the cow.
I see laughter in the play of children.
And I see myself as a child again.

So, as you bargain with your daily lives,
As you live to work and not work to live,
as you confront the shadows of your self
and the dilemmas of society,
as you are force-fed rules and regulations...
follow these instead:

Do as you will but harm no one.
Worship at the altar of the Other
(love your friend as you would yourself)
Love Divine Wisdom above all,
and then, breathe each holy breath.

Mychael Zagreus
April 30, 2004

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