Light Whirl

Art by Norman E. Masters

Gladly Receive Her Beneficience

You -- whose heart & mind are rooted in Her
seeking, ever, the further treasuries
of Her Light & Wisdom --
flame of Her divine fire you are!
~~ holy to Her
~~ holy in the foreverness
~~ holy in Her embrace...

Sense & spirit aspire ever higher...
your love & compassion for each & all
is ever-deepening as understanding grows.

You see now the gifts of Her unseen divinity,
graced to you thru this one, now,
thru that one, now --
for She is the spark of hope & aspiration in each,
the goodness that wants to be good...

& grow... & abide...
in Her everness...

In your heart Her inward music swells
you full with such an overwelling fullness;
it dances, entrances, delightins your being
for you are Her -- into sensitive flesh --
given opportunities to grace Her loving
in ways that harmonize the opposites,
renew spiritual energy, begetting regeneration
catalyzing the deeper discoveries behind Her Veil...

Thru seeking, ever, Her Light,
stirred by unending Love
you harbor Her divine fire
as the essence of your being
a form of regenerative energy.

Such a delicate & absolute sweetness
it is -- to know Her so intimately...
Her Spirit infuses you, radiates thru you --
you are Her radiation,
        Her radiance.

To know so is emancipation...

All good will abide with you in all ways
thru all the tumults & the sorrows
-- into Her everness that transcends
all sense of morrow...

The good, yearning souls
gladly receive Her beneficience,
Her grace thru you -- & embrace
it wholly -- to dawn new morning
in their own hearts -- its delicate
absolute sweetness feeding the inner
need, fructifying the inner seed
of Her light*spark dancing lively
their own creativity -- in Her...

Ever in Her, beloved...
never the endings now
just mutational forms
of continuance...

LightSeeds, sowing
StarDrops growing
pain, the rain to unparch the soul
to refind the holiness,
to know -- intimately -- Her Wholeness.

Day of the Fifteenth Harmonic Convergence

~~norea st. john

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