Art by Norman E. Masters

How Can Romantic Love Manifest As A Path To The Divine?

by Norman E. Masters


This is for Linda, my *amari*...

What can this olde man claim to know of love?

Whatever he can bring to remembrance -- it is
from observing *her* Living Reality... & from
being a *part* of her life -- for 26 years, now...

Love Is A Lady

Love Is A Lady
Art by Norman E. Masters
Photo by Gamaliel Masters

In the Beloved one sees...

With the Beloved one feels...

It all becomes more *intensely* real...

Love intensifies our seeing, our being, our feeling, our sense of smell, taste, hearing, imagining. & we kithe new sensitivities, still without a name...

In love we sense seeming memories of lifetimes before, & wonder-of-wonders! we're together once more... with intimations of immortality... To feel that I have *always* known you means we had to have been together *before* the very beginning... What are these remembrances from before we were born? Even to have *been* -- before being born -- returns us, ultimately, to the Source of all Beginnings, where *in* the Heartbeat Divine we were *one*.

Memory -- a semi-permeable membrane interfacing with the Beyond...

Why is it such a wonder to me -- that you *truly* love me? Is this depth so rare in a world too barren of closeness? Could we feel so close if we had not, before, felt so apart, so alone, so alienated?

What *is* love? You asked this question when first we came to know each other -- & every answer i have given, across the decades, has seemed so inadequate...

Love is the spontaneous dance of the heart's delight... Love is the music of heartbeat, the light in the heartshrine...

Dreams, Blossoming

Dreams, Blossoming
Art by Norman E. Masters

Love? A madly wild delirium? A beautifully luminous shadow -- illuminating our inner worlds? A hot-headed confusion? A fool's delusion & largest folly? A hot-hearted jumble of emotions, wildly tumbling over each other?

Love is a waking remembrance of intimations divine...

Love is that which takes us out of the labyrinth of time into the timeless, out of the inner maze of ourselves -- into an awareness more universal & amazing.

Love is an ever-enlarging capacity that adds magnitude to our lives.

Love is a sudden music of the heart filled with sweetness & power.

Love is bright reflections shining thru the mists of time, so tantalizingly sweet -- making even the inner gloom strangely luminous...

Love is the deepest part of oneself that one has never known, so fully, before... that which transcends space & time...

Ah, love! -- such an intimate affinity with intimations of still more...

Love is the great modifier & life-enhancer! It modifies our sense-of-being -- opens before us a plethora of new possibilities...

Love sensitizes; love makes of the sensuous a pure poetry of motion...

Love is a wild wonder & a bright shining -- catalytic in its impact; for love *changes* us.

Temple of the Sacred Flame

Temple of the Sacred Flame
Art by Norman E. Masters

Do we truly *live* until we love? Not to love -- is not such a kind of walking death, a sleep of the soul, leaving life almost devoid of meaning?

In love we get a glimmer of the meaning of eternity. In love's intensitudes we *want* this wonderfulness to eternally *be*. & every glimpse of eternity -- & all that it can mean -- brings us closer to divinity -- for what *but* divinity is eternal?

Love brings forth the *best* in us. Those we love *believe* in us -- as we believe in them.

In love we want to be *with* our Beloved beyond-death... All human dreams of paradise have been to reunite us with those we have loved the most. Thus love draws us *closer* to the Divine -- for how can such happen *except* thru the Divine.

In what is our eternity -- but in our love for each other? What abides forever *except* Love?

God/dess? But S/he *is* the Living Love that ever is... In our love for our Beloved we get a glimpse of the face of Eternity... radiant eyes, twinkle-shining, like stars...

Love begets gratefulness -- the deepest sense of gratitude. Gratitude outflows, overflows, ever-flows. In the thanksgiving of the heart we are most grateful to our Beloved -- for bestowing he/r favors (in all their flavors) upon us, the closeness of moments together (so momentous!), shared intimacies -- the intimations of a deeper knowing.

But we are also grateful to the Divine -- to Beneficient Providence, Itself, for catalyzing this meeting, this luminance of loveshine into the heartshrine of our lives. In the deep abidance of that gratefulness we draw *nearer* to the Divine -- &, indeed, we *see* the Divine in our Beloved.

Golden Budding

Golden Budding
Art by Norman E. Masters

In romance the heart is in a recurrent state of prayer -- to be with the Beloved, for the safety of the Beloved. Prayer is an immediate linking with the Divine. Thus romance reinforces that linkage. Love gives wings to carry our prayers to the heart of God/dess most quickly.

The Divine *being* All-Love, our own hearts beating in love for our Beloved, begets an instant connection. Does not Divine Love *love* all lovers all-lovingly?

Love calls to Love, & Love answers -- for what is more responsive than Love?

Love is the divine wine flowing from the fountain of eternity -- effervescent in expressiveness.

Love is rebirth -- into the numinously wondrous, a transformative miracle, begetting a sublime knowing, an exhilarating enchantment, dreaming on with open eyes... baring the heart of the vision, fecundating the flowering of living light.


Rainbow Shift

Rainbow Shift
Artistic Rendering by Norman E. Masters
from a Photo by Gamaliel Masters

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