Tearful Magdalene With Issa

Tearful Magdalene With Issa
Art by Unknown

Visions & Talks With Mary Magdalene and Issa

by Rita Adan

I respect the visions of others. My own visions and talks with Magdalene and Issa show me that Issa appeared to many with His own body transformed through miraculous doings from the highest heavens and also from the ministering hands of his beloveds.

Issa appeared to Magdalene many times in her life in a body that one could feel and touch and see as very normal. This is the way of ascended masters/avatars, and of angels too, if they so wish. Also, Magdalene has had a dozen lives since she was Magdalene. Her Soul Matrix has many names and faces.

The message Magdalene tells me over and over is how concerned she is for the world and its disrepair and dysfunctioning. She says "Let each soul put Love in their walk and in their talk!" This is the meat of Issa's original message 2000 years ago. The outer garment should be love. The inner garment must be love. The walk should be love. The talk should be love. The Song sung, love. The Crown worn, love. Our inner christos is regained by Pure Love, compassion, peace, and only that.

I see Magdalene cry as much as I see her laugh. She says, "Tell them my life was spent helping others!"

She would rather have you know this than worry about whether she was in Egypt or France or even how many kids she had.

We all will have different visions of her; and who is to judge who is the most right or the most wrong, or what she looked or sounded like? Give her any face; she's had many.

When she was teaching and healing and writing, a great part of her ministry was spent encouraging others to awaken to their own innate divinity. She encouraged the prostitutes to grow their hair long instead of being bald as the law required! I think she got in trouble for that with some high council of fuddy duddy men who thought they were God! The same ones who crucified Issa.

She fed the poor way long before Issa. She was the one who guided him along this route of compassionate helping and civil stirring acts that rocked the foundations of traditional Jewish folks like a hurricane through a bottle!

The Magdalene of today is concerned with the world of today. Some might see her dancing and singing; but those who know her best see her feet bloody and bruised; and she is dressed in black. Until this world is finally filled with Peace and Love (what each Soul must do and be!) she will continue to come back here again and again; and a part of her will walk an empty desert looking for an oasis. Her Soul is intimately connected with the Soul of the world; and that is the burden she will carry willingly until each Soul is reunited with their own divinity. And as she told me, "Till they ALL come Home, finally, and sit in the seat of honor at the table of the Great Mother and Blessed Mother hugs them and says, "Well done my child!'"

October 10, 2006

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