angel whispers ii

seen was a luminous woman
whose face was in the stars

who was she?

who bears the sacred cup
to bless our joy?

for whom
was this garland of stars
woven across infinity?

is God silent?

before daybreak
birds are singing
the morning sun

may the wise & friendly Presence
share deepest and most beautiful truths
yours to grace so gently, tenderly, lovingly
in the heartbeat of these moments together...

how, then, do angels wander, even now,
and since time began, to see the works of time?

what wonders, here in the human sphere
not to be seen in heavenly realms?

tender feelings
awaken the heartspeak

love transforms the soul

what is borne
of union
of beauty and affection?

renew our remembrance with joy

how is fullness of faith to be attained
and compassion to be fully lived?

a single tender thought sensitively expressed bridges to unity of feeling little by little profundity is assimilated soul in harmony with the wise and friendly Presence taking good counsel together fate-words flow forth with a penetrative force

simple words, pure in essence
are mirrors

what you see in them
is a reflection of your own internity

come to know what you are
most deeply

silence is a benediction:
the heartbeat of *yes!*

the deep-in knowing
heightens the growing

all the longings of the heart
weaving a pattern of days and dreams

what divine awakening, this?

the living world delights
peeping out at every point
intricacies internesting with intricacies

all the delicate sensitivities...

how many alternate realities
can a single mind create?

Infinite Mind
creating infinite minds
each mind creating realities within

o numinous infinitudes within infinity!

~~norea st. john

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