Magdalene Mystique

Magdalene Mystique
Art by Norman E. Masters

To Enter The Deeper Sanctities

There were times of tenderness when we could see
our outstretched radiance so hauntingly beautiful...
just *being* this sacred union of radiancing...
& *knowing* it so... almost like tasting it...
mouthfulls of each other's love-radiancing,
swallowing each other -- *inside* --
into the core of our mutual radiancing,
infinity moebius-tripping into each other.

To be together, in Sacred Union,
is to enter the deeper sanctities of each other...
moving beyond the holy mists
of love's shining-eyed beginnings
into the soul's very radiance... so deeply
this oneness takes into communion with Eternity --
fountaining transcendency into
sacramental immanence, like the fallout of
an effervescent stardust thru the liquid night...
interflowing streams of being into the ocean
of each other, so beautiful, my eyes
would leak the beauty, shiningly, he said...

Redemption, he said, is a song of eternal loving,
blending us into beautiful harmonies,
casting End away. Redemption, I said, is mercy
set upon a path of compassion...
extending this loving...

~~wynn manners
Twelfth Day of Christ*Mass

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