Wings Of Sakina

Art by Norman E. Masters

Let me come to you

Let me come to you
through the mists
through the fire
through the plants
through the deep flowing wells
with ideas
music beyond the tips of your ears

Let me move you
enliven you
stimulate you
till your perspective shifts
and spirit explodes
and you are left standing
in the wake of what has been revealed....
and life feels very sweet

I work in ways deep
ever present
always moving

I work in ways dramatic
with thunder and lightning
sweeping and uprooting

I work in ways subtle
pushing and prodding
wearing and tearing

I swirl you and twirl you
I splatter you and scatter you
I shock you and rock you
I clear the way for what is to come

I can be slight or stupendous
brief or long lasting
uproaring or uprising

What I can't be
is ignored


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