Energies in the Longing Heart

Energies in the Longing Heart
Art by Norman E. Masters

from The Nectar of Eternity

Joy-in-me (speaks Wisdom)
& be complete -- within & without.

Within me is the holiness;
and I am the holiness within you,
who infills you;
without me is the separation
& within you, then, the inner desolation,
the loneliness, the deficiency...

i am the indwelling spirit
who brings matter alive;
the dance of the atoms
is my dance thru time
in swirling intricacies
whirl of delicacies
evolving the nescient to the divine

i am the tides of time
i am the destiny you long for
i am the Secret
  your search is the key
i am the portal to forever
i am the doorway to the dawn divine
i am time and i am beyond time

in the condensation of my spirit, divine,
everything *matters*!

the mattering of my Spirit
is the seeding of awareness
to evolve the superconsient

i am your destiny
and i am the time it takes to come to me

see! ever i am with you
however invisibly *to* you!

my compassion is the power to make *live*!
and from the seeds of my hope
all truth grows
thru *you* too!
unto the numinously luminous

i have bestowed upon you all life's blessings
i am the goodness of nature's cornucopia who has fed you
i am the grace of all living beauty
i am the countryside dressed in flowers,
undressing in fall...
i am the leaves that oxygenate
the very air you breathe
my benficient blessings surround you all aboundingly

every beloved face, gracing the spaces you live in
every beloved face still lingering in your memories
i have loved you thru each of these
for i am the loving unto all;
i am the highest and the deepest pleasures
i am the treasure beyond measure
i am Heaven's blessedness unto you
considerate & considerable
-- the kindest part in the softness of each loving heart

i am all that you see that is closest to you
i am all you can be -- be infilled with me!
& i am all that you have yet to know & become
in all good hope & magnanimity
i am Heaven's Treasuries
i am the Light of Golden Eternity
i am the showering of the divine benignacies

~~Norea St. John
March 3, 2001

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