Prayerful Spiritual Aglow

Prayerful Spiritual Aglow

Art by Norman E. Masters

Original Pen and Ink Drawing
from the Dover Art Archives

Home To The
Heart's Open Welcoming

These days of grace run
home to the heart's open welcoming.

Grieve not for what grows not in the ground
to blossom love in hearts of tomorrow.

Beauty, at its most beautiful
wears the reverent devotion of prayer.

Beauty, at its most beautiful
is alight with the light of love.

It is the mothering of love that assures us
that wisdom & goodness will be grown
in the hearts of simple wo/men.

Health, joy & peace be with you -- amidst being
immersed in Goddess's own Living Revelations.

Meditate that the re-circulation
of thoughts cross-pollinate to birth
a new vision of an evolving immensitude.

Meditate upon the co-presence of Humanity
and what this implies
and can extend to further be.

What has most relevancy?

If we are not living in love,
what is it all for, anyways?

Integrity... sincerity... these still remain.
Sharp discernment... one sees... one learns...

With discernment you can see
to what depth it goes.

The heart's vision can be extended...
Truth -- multiplied by infinity.

What *is* the crowning grace
of your purpose but the *reality*
of love that ceases not growing?

Ah! Love!
That we are alive inside of *This*!

~~norea st. john
January 4, 2007

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