Far Seeing

Far Seeing
Art by Norman E. Masters

Sophia, Incarnate
As Lord Jesus

Sophia, incarnate as Lord Jesus, says the Sun shines on sinner and saint alike.

I watch the clouds float by overhead. They block the sun and the moon, yet these both shine and illuminate them. Clouds disappear and blue skies are overhead.

Blue skies are only blue until one gets close up. Then, the sky is clear. Water looks blue, sometimes gray, until one holds it in the palms of the hands; then it is clear. What appears muddied is clear.

I watch my thoughts float in my mind, thoughts that I label good and bad based on their effect. Some thoughts are associated with anxiety and / or neediness. Some thoughts are associated with joy. I detach and I watch. They arise, they dance, they disappear and are perhaps incarnated in another thought. I go deeper, into a deeper realm, where the thoughts appear to be more akin to living entities. A beautiful woman seductively dressed appears. My thought appears to KNOW me. Am I in her awareness or is She in mine? Am I acknowledging a being from another dimension and is She acknowledging me?

Such thoughts, these are mine... or are they, too, living beings wishing for expression? Born of the depths. Babies.

Sophia says the Sun shines on sinner and saint alike. Jagger says every cop is a criminal and every sinner a saint. I must be the only one that can breathe Jagger and Sophia in the same breath. A sinner but in Sophia's eyes?

I watch my thoughts arise, float and disappear. For anything to be, there must be light. What enlightens my thoughts? IN what do they float? Does anything exist aside from awareness? The Upanishads say the Beloved Brahmin is the hearing of the ear, the seeing of the eye, the toucher of touch... and so on. Brahmin is that which enlightens my thoughts and Brahmin FOR ME is Sophia. I call Brahmin Sophia. He is the Mother of my thoughts. He is my thoughts' Fate as He is mine.

Sophia says the Sun shines on sinner and saint alike. My thoughts, some are labeled by me as bad; some good. My labels, too, are thoughts, hence my thoughts are judgemental. Yet, that in which they float? This is beyond judgement. Judgement is necessary in this world. Yet, when in the Bridal Chambers of Sophia, there is no judgement. Only peace. One nestles one's face in the Beloved's breasts and suckles peacefully.

My thoughts float arising like trees from their seeds planted in the depths. When I go into this place, I see that even this form, Burl, is floating in the depths of the universal Mind. The entire universe is a thought... not in the human way of thinking of thought... but a thought, nonetheless. The Word made flesh.


Burl B. Hall

April 14, 2001

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