Praying Angels

What Is Grace?

Grace is the foundation of Paradise, within & without.
Grace makes every joy possible to the hearts of woo*men.
Grace is a living seed, growing our lives, enabling us to manifest
   a higher hope.
Grace is wholesome play in gardens of delight, blossoming beauty
   in the Light, thru the night.
Grace radiates as sunshine, starshine, moonglow, and reveals
   Herself in children dancing gladness,
   sharing wonder, excitement, joy.

Grace is the manifest "Kin(*)dom of the Father," unseen by most,
   but ever-present.

Grace is within the heart, most deeply felt, bringing all things,
   all substance, all good with it. We enter grace as children
   or not at all.

Grace is loving & generous,
Grace is reverent & all-blessingly blessing,
Grace hurts nothing & no one,
Grace gives the best She has, always, to those who need.
Grace delights in helping,
Grace is full of love for every creature,
Grace is happy, in work or play,
Grace rejoices,
Grace heals & is true wisdom,
Grace is the secret of living known to the childe,
Grace is heaven on earth, hidden from the worldly-wise & prudent,
   but revealed to the child -- who *lives* in grace.

Grace is living delight, a ray of light *here*
   a flash of hope *there*,
   the morning mists, a shower of rain.
Grace is as tender as the dew of morning.

Grace begets benevolence, virtue, harmony, fidelity &
   continual increase in depth of wisdom.
Grace is the genesis of the final perfection, which is
   ever a new beginning.
Grace begets peace, joy & love in Spirit Holy.

Thru Grace worthiness is restored, intrinsic worthiness is
Grace sanctifies, and bestows the sweetest rest.
Grace sets us free -- into the totality & tranquillity;
   by Grace, this sweet release...

In Grace is the repose of bliss,
   after which the rest is Silence...

                                          ~~ wynn manners

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