Madonna Of The Light

Madonna Of The Light
Art by Norman E. Masters


Sophia arose from Saco Bay.

She came just to welcome me.

Pure white snow carpeted

The ground She stood upon.

High tide had left a strip of

Bare, tan beach to be Her feet.

A petticoat of white wavelets

Flirted with Her ankles.

Above them She wore

A blue-gray silken skirt, striped

With waves of subtly darker gray,

Slightly wrinkled by a breeze.

A billowing, sheer, seductive mist

Formed Her blouse, barely concealing

The land to the East of the harbor

That became Her splendid torso.

And, Oh! Above it rose

The sun, Her round, full face,

Beaming light and life upon me,

Raising Love up in my soul.

Her face was framed by silvery

Clouds of hair, streaming out

Across Her shoulders, along Her arms

Outspread to greet me.

The brightening sky became Her halo.

She was magnificent!

And, for an eternal moment,

She and I were One.

Love, Merry Hall
Copyright 2001

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