Ch'ang Wo, fleeing to the moon with the drug of Immortality, from CHINESE FOLK DESIGNS compiled by W. M. Hawley

ddj, Whose Body
Is Full of Light

It is good:
to walk lightly upon the earth
to speak gently, one to the other
to count neither debts nor credits
to bind what would be bound
to loose what longs for loosing.

Whose body is full of light:
receives whosoever & whatsoever comes
and turns not away.

Freely you give yourself to me: and so I am
freely would I give myself to the ten thousand beings
[for they are you in this world.]

All together, and each apart
we are your secret self
you who harvest wheat & tares, both with tender care
sheep & goats, wrapt tight in one folding.

Frank John Culley

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