Sad Angel


~~ for Angel

alone in the mind's haunted void
dear angel, whose wings are your life's aspirations
soar to the summits of your inspiration
glide your essence into emancipation
open to orgasmic glimpses
of a mystic eternity

o anguished, maddened heart
brave spirit battling the inexorable shadow
you who shriek to pierce the brazen husks of indifference
become more boldly lovely than ever before
as you softly unpeel your innermost
skin of dreams

you have the courage to endure those agonies of soul
that prelude the emergence
of your heart's strange beauty, bared to the bright
ardently winging the weird brilliance of your every
soft lingering, sweet delight, while tender
is the nightmare nuzzling
your secret hunger

intense yearnings, flushing efflorescence, shuddering rapture
the vulnerable opening of vast darkness that
enwombs your inner universe -- as galaxies shine thru your eyes
& intimations of tomorrows dream*touch in
to tickle the depths of impassioned desire
for the heightened culminations, the
consummate fruitions

creativity on fire! imagination flaring! wild!
vibrant moments, deepening feelings
joy explo!!!ding your phoenix
song ascending

strange excitements, wanton enticements beguiling into
impetuous dalliance, temptestuous transcience
you who will weep, remembering...

half-naked in the moonlight, embracing, still, the dream
finding sacred strength in the fragrance of roses, the balm of pines,
drawing consolation from the silence between the stars
as the scintillae of the holy settles upon you
like dreamdust...

always the silence to background the tumult
& you -- lost into that silence to find
the deepest meanings mating heart to mind to whole
with luna*light to make magick with -- illuminating
the liquid melting of your soul into heart's heightened apotheosis --
angelwings lifting into the
infinite immensity

~~ Norea St. John

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