Borne Of The Sea

Borne Of The Sea
Art by Norman E. Masters

The End of Time

Who can ever understand or grasp the timeless world? My rational mind sure cannot.

The universe is a flash in the black eyes of Sophia. Each birth, life and death of the most powerful and long-lasting star is but a flirtatious twinkle at the edge of Her pupil. The lovers of Sophia call Her the "One without a Second." Sophia is beyond time.

The doomsday prophets go about the world crying, "The end of time is near." I experience the bliss of Sophia and find the end of time is here. It is closer to me than my nose is to my face.

The end of time is the experience of our primacy. In the Warner Brother's children's movie, The Never Ending Story, the hero reads a story that ultimately reveals a unity between the reader and the story being read. This speaks to the essence of all the myths and legends passed down to us. Sacred writings like the Bible do not happen in times past. They happen now. In each Biblical story I see myself. I am a manifestation of the Never Ending Story.

Can you see that same story unfold in yourself too?

6 Dec 2002

Waves crash violently into rocks
as northern winds whistle Her cold chill
Naked before Her eternally
The earth creaks a sad wailing moan.

A star appears over the horizon
I walk on waves to reach it.
Never finding the sea's end
I discover the horizon is the place I've always been

I gaze into the center of my belly
The whole that reminds me of Her
Disappearing into this rounded infinity
The Son of God appears

25 Dec 2003


Burl B. Hall

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