Angel Chorus

*The Light of Love*

Dear Friend,

Let this one share with you what your heart already most deeply knows. None of this is new. It is the deepest & the most ancient knowing in your soul -- but it is what binds us into unity; it is the sacred ground we share -- it is the soul's essence, bare. It is your own Light*of*Lights, dear friend -- your own essence of the heart of the spirit; it is the Love you are, in deepest truth & fullest measure; it is a candle, lit from the Sun, the fire of the eternal, the Love that lights your life...

Starting over, in the Light of Love, eVer*ything is new.

In the Light of Love, vast new horizons of possibility open to the imagination of the heart -- & we evolve into a new consciousness.

Disquietude marks the transition to the fulfillment of this vision.

In the Lighting of Loving you are aliving to the hearting of creationing, encouraging this flighting into forevering...

The Light of Love is the opening of your heart*of*hearts, be*LOVE*d. In the light of love you are Love's*bride, Love's*husband. Love is the All-in-all, the All-in-every/each, the Oneness of the f*us*ion (beyond all "I"'s of ion-egos, maya-ed into ego's delusions & illusions).

Deep are the eyes, open to reveal the undying Spirit, the soul of the beautiful, the heart of flame in the shining aliveness of the Light of Love vibrantly stirring your innermost being.

The Light of your Love is manifest in your committment -- in your compassion.

The Light of Love is your rainbow covenant with the div*in*e-in-each -- all bands of living Light into one illuminated harmony, from rain-brightest noon thru darkest night.

When the Light o' Love is in your heart, stars shine from your eyes.

LoveLight the Night

The Light of Love is a soft luminosity of heart-warmth, embracing the innocence.

In the Light of Love you are YES! Yes! yes! YES!*YES! -- all-blessing -- for Love is the Eternal Yes.

In the Light of Love all the potential from your centre blossoms into wonder's songs singing the heart of joy.

In the Light of Love you are a childe, again, waterwinging in the sunshining wonder, all rainbow-hued with all the colors of love, tonguing all the savory flavors of living in wonderjoy, wander-loving, o LoveLight of the mystic now, flowering the changes, blossoming the future into pure seeds, holy.

In the Light of this*Love (your being-of-being, your innermost seeing, the radiance that bathes you abright-into-light) is pure synergy with friends, holy friends, joined in the holy*centre -- all wonderwinged under the mystic rainbow.

Please, Love*Light... care, please, see the holy, please, see the birthing of the Light, the hope of peace into flesh of being, please, o hope of now-fulfilled, share the freedom, share the heart*songs.

It will take courage to share the heart*songs that leak the eyes with heart's pure dew... But -- DO!

In the Light of Love the entire earth is transformed to your seeing. Moments of ecstasy increase -- these peaks in your being, your seeing, your touching, the rhythms of your going-&-coming.

In the Light of Love you are LOVE incarnate, this birth of radiant energy, synergizing in lifedance of naked spontaneity, flowing.

In the numinous light of love, life's joy consummates with the actualization.

In the Light of Love our innermost resources are tapped, to flow in sweet harmony of iridescence...

*YOU*, Love -- your Light outflowing -- in the sanctity of your luminous alertness, creating the all-embracing enrichment.

Intimate cooperation culminates in further growth, new peaks of emergence.

In the Light of your Love, your life is such an intense grace, sweet-minded with a profound peace. This Peace, in its essentials of maturity, is a slow-maturing fruit of the centuries.

The ineffable inner luminosity of the profound truth of Love in all its Light emerges as the energy flow of ultimate destiny...

Only in the light of love can you thrive & flourish to your full potential.

o Love, o Light, you are the greatest force in the universe.

The Light of Love is the eternal vitality of life itself, growing towards perfection. In Perfection there is Peace. Utter Peace, utter Love, are the essence of perfection.

o Love, the future is *now*! The seeds that have been planted in your heart are blossoming. The pure & the holy, o friend of heart's fidelity, is the essence of your being. Each touch, beLoved, is pure & holy, sensitive & delicate.

o, you can see the Light of Love alive into multiple forms, dancing thru life, alive into joy, sharing the substance of the Body of the Divine...

The Light of Love sings a change in your life, a blossoming of the centermost/innermost potential.

In the Light of Love you are a childe again, you are one-with-the-children.

The Children of the Light COME in the Light of Love, with songs of joy upon their lips, bubbling from the divine springs of the heart.

In the Light of Love you grow in faith, to heal those who need healing...

In the beatitude of Love is your eternal well-being, & when this condition is reached -- with the All of your consecration -- you will never renounce this Light.

The Light of Love is the crystallization of ecstasy into the unity of solidarity, this mesh of joy into divine bliss, this metamorphosis of the Christ*Spirit dawning into multi-flesh of this beautiful you*we*us rejoicing.

The synergetic birth transfigures devotion to something higher -- the youwe*us*! of joyDance of heart's unleashed energy of regeneration.

In the Light of Love, this mesh of divine woomen, this metamorphosis of the div*in*e family, all these crysalis*Mothers of the Christ*Spirit, this regeneration of energy is set free into being clowns! butterflies! flower*children! earthmountains, valleys of the sky, oceans of imagination, children of the clouds singing with the birds -- in a simple grace all vibrant with joy.


In the light of Love you are one with the heart of God.

The Light of Love, infusing, changes you into a new being.

o Sister*Friend, Brother*Friend, Friend*of*Friends -- the Light of Love within you is vast & deep in its infinite faculty; its development & perfection depends on the radiance of your soul -- its Oneness with the Whole.

& the essence of this Spirit, Love welling within you, must be released, to flow, to sow, to go, sincerely, feeling-in to all the hearts still seeking.

The Light of Love is your essence; your essence is forgiving; your essence is gentle compassion.

This Love*Light is the lasting Presence, the indwelling Spirit -- & this is a revelation of the potential of the essence within *you* -- its numinous power the flower of your becoming, flowing into knowing, baring into sharing.

In the Light of Love, you become more alert, more creative; you do not lose courage; for the beyond is emerging with the fulfillment of each graceful crescendo, activating, accelerating the ecstatic reality -- stimulating inspiration.

The Light of Love functions towards integration in a working unity; in the undying Spirit the Light of Love weaves the tapestry of Eternity.

Love's dance is a gospel of joy, manifest into the pattern of planting the Seeds of the Light.

Seed-existent of uttermost potentiality, rooted to the core of God: LOVE-into-flesh -- *you* into the time-mesh, sharing the fruits of your shining.

Rivers of Light, cascading thru time, flowing from the heart of the divine, to-&-froing, ascending, belowing, celebrating *LIGHT*, o Love, the Seed*Light, the Love*Light, the Joy*Life, fruit of the heart shining.

In the Light of your Love, beloved, the rivers of Paradise flow from the waters within, wellsprings of the heart of your seeing *eYES*.

In the rivers of paradise (flowing from your eyes) are found pearls of humility, rubies of love, the luminous awareness of your whole being in utmost reverence of devotion, as sincere as tender.

o Love -- if -- if -- if -- if -- persevere -- preserve the integrity of the divine energy thru these critical periods of life & it will strengthen in the depth of its reality, setting the example for some huge transformation -- a catalytic awakening.

The Light of Love is a corona of energy which is a radiating aura.

The Light of Love dawns mercy morning -- & it can be done -- all the way to the stars!


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