Looking Up 5

Looking Up 5
Art by Norman E. Masters

Bride of Divine Delight

Bride of Divine Delight,
Thou art my Fullness, my consummation.

In communion with You -- in all-satisfying union,
You who are my All in All,
interfusing with me as You infill me...
how can Your Bridegroom *but* delight,
fully, in his Bride come unto him?

You are the divine whisper in my ear,
You are the living eucharist of love,
You are the Omega -- O! -- O! -- Ahhhh! --
all Alphas yang to enter Your yin;
You are the Wine of Eternity;
your mystic lips breathe Life into life,
grace this bliss of joy-in-You...

You are the very Presence of Divine Essence
& You nurture my soul upon the bosom of Your Love,
sweet Mother of the Cosmos...  Milk of stars
flows from Your breasts,
constellating mystic meanings
thru a Night of Light.

To come into Your Light
is to enter Your Bliss --
for You are the entrance into Forever
in this timelessness Divine...

Eternity Bride --
the Song of the Universe
is being sung for *You*
-- All for *You*, Sophia,
for Thou art as wise
as Thou art beautiful.

If i am certain of nothing else
i am certain of the holiness of Your Heart;
& this i know:  that all that i am & can be
is because of who *You* are...

You *are* the Heavenly Manna,
the Ambrosia of the Eternals,
the Tree of Eternal Life;
& i am a fruit of Your ecstasy,
ripening upon this vine of love
entwined around You.

~~wynn manners

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