Persian Polar 3

Persian Polar 3
Art by Norman E. Masters

A Shared Ideal

A common ideal -- in one's perception of the sacred -- *unites* those who share it -- into an unexpected sister/brotherhood in Her Light & Spirit.

This sense of warmth & *closeness* is something i have not been able to *find* before. Ever the *distance* between lives -- in their foremost dedication... consecration... committment -- the alienated *alone* of *none* at all much *like* me...

Yet, in Sophia -- the uniting -- the common bond at that *deep*est level. & we have each *come* to Her as *solitaries* -- & *thru* Her we find each other...

Wisdom's Daughters, Sophia's Sons...

When the unity is achieved -- in Her -- one is filled with a strength that is full of tenderness & truth.

& it overflows into sacred utterances that give expression to all forms of spiritual experience, that touch upon all the phases of the life divine.

As Sun/shine of our Divine Mother you become a guiding light to an all-too-often lost humanity -- yearning for something more, deeper, more significant, more meaningful than the shallow babble of the entertainment industry -- all the sensation-mongering of the news media...

For life is meant to be something more than filling the emptiness with the trivial...

How do we come into *direct* perception of the highest Truths?

How do we discover the most profound & hidden mysteries of the universes?

We live in a sea of divine being -- & like a fish in water, a body in an envelope of air -- are mainly unaware of that which most pervasively all-surrounds us -- all-aboundingly -- permeating in/thru the entirety of our being...

How do we come to know -- more deeply -- most intimately, that which is most natural & eternal in the human soul?

All things natural & eternal in the human soul are given sacred expression thru the heart & mind which have the key to the mystic secrets. Her Spirit *is* the key to the Light towards which we have most intensely yearned -- for when our Essence of being pulses with, becomes the dance of Her heartbeat, we become one with the Heart of the Universe.

The devotee of Sophia becomes one with Her Divine Devotion & thus s/he enters the most secret shrine of the inner temple of the Divine.

Sophia *is* the secret shrine of the Father's & the Son's inner temple.

To identify ourselves with the Divine Love is to enter the shrine of the Divine Mother.

The perfection of the Heavenly Father -- & of the Divine Sons & Divine Daughters -- is borne of Their Unity with Our Divine Mother, Spirit of the Holy ~ our Wholeness.

~~wynn manners
August 30, 2001

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