Dance of the Flower Spirit

Dance of the Flower Spirit
Art by Norman E. Masters

Child of Time

shuddering paroxysms...

shattering of old paradigms
amidst distress, tumult, pain
of time changing time

tomb-tomes from the past
refertilize minds...

child of time
seeking glimpses of eternity...
endless returnity
as earth turns
& yearning
for what is yet unnamed

before measureless expanse of infinity
within sight of eternity
culminating wonder *comes*
in climax of enrapturing ecstasy

if you live not with doubts, yourself,
how can you address doubts of others?

it is answers you labor to define for yourself
that resonate so meaningfully for others

all the shadows of the mind
that keep returning...
mind that casts no shadows
defines no light...
heart that knows not deepest nights
dawns no mornings...

child of time
step *out* of time
into timelessness

LightShimmer, BlueHeart

LightShimmer, BlueHeart
Art by Norman E. Masters

o wonder of the momentous
outside the moment!
momentarily glimpsed --
fleetly fleeing, gleaming glimmer
shimmer of ungraspable meaning

in the depths you find me
at the heights I AM t*here
ever as near as dear

~~norea st. john
~~ from *sundulating*

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