Art by Norman E. Masters

Entering The Dance...

Does your soul veil itself,
does your soul unveil itself,
in this dance-thru-time
we do together?

When i look beyond your face
& behind your sinuous grace
is your soul, opening, fully?
Are you the Beloved
i have longed to know
as deeply as ever?

Our words, themselves
veil us from each other.

What avail, these veils?

It is the rhythms of the Dance...
that heighten & deepen our sensitivities
to each other...

Does your soul have its own
fragrance -- beyond words?

Strands of light,
interweaving? such subtle
sensitivities, emancipating
into the liquid*light*flow...
& how you come aglow
in this radiance of freeing
of the depths of your being.

Only in soul merging with soul
can the *inner* splendors be revealed,
for this sacred fire is concealed
to physical eyes & concepts of the mind...

But it is *felt*
with a different kind of sense --
the same with which one can feel
the very heartbeat of living stars
...soul*heart in luminous numinosity,
spinning living light, itself,
in this divine dancing...
living ecstasy *alive*
into timelessness...

Can you dance *forever*
Enloved & in Loving?

Dancer 2

Dancer 2
Art by Percy Crosby

In This Dance...

When we move into the Dance, Divine,
the whole of our body becomes a part of it...
no part of us can be left behind
at the *beginning* of this dance...
it must *all* dance... *all* of us...
every smitch of our being, wholly into this dance...
heart & mind, body & soul -- we give it *all*
to the dance... til we are nothing *but* this dance.

When we give *all* of us to the dance,
we move out of our minds....
for our minds create barriers to total blending,
interpermeation unending...
our bodies, too... for how can i
get beneath your skin -- *all* the way in
to you? & you into me?
in interweaving ecstasy that
culminates & consummates &
most fully emancipates us?

Even the sensitivities of delicatest
& most delicious touch are not enough
in this dance of beautiful truth,
brightening the inner splendors,
so renewing to souls inter*twing*ling
in the immensitudes of Spirit's
love*light reviving & brightening
in Oneness, Divine... souls, themselves
the shining & intertwining
of the holy flame of life,
a promise & a foretaste
of what is yet to come
when our dance takes us
beyond all immensitudes of yearning
into the beatitude fulfilling
our deepest-souled desires...
soul into One Soul,
to the very core from which shimmers
radiant waves of vibrant golden energy,
divinity no longer concealed
but revealed in He/r
Divine Dance, itself!

We *are* this Dance!

Julia Bubbles

Julia Bubbles
Art by Julia

Dancing Soul*in*Soul

Dancing in the garden of your soul...
luminous hints of concealed divinity
*spark*!ing like stars in your eyes...

Cryptic internity, suggestive immensitudes,
your tantalizing sway, impetuously closer,
seductive for the enigmatic persistent vision...

Your sudden smile of exquisite delight
lightens the night...

Can souls clasp souls,
Can souls quiver & joy-crest together
Can souls kiss & *leave* the body
into deeper intimacies of bliss?

Can soul cleave to soul
to become one larger whole?
Can souls swim *in* to each other?

As souls wholly & holily embrace,
in Divine Love's full emancipation,
what is the soul's highest desire?

To yearn to be totally lost into You,
is to yearn to be totally *found* in You, too.

To be longing to fuse & blend into OneHeart, OneSoul
is the desire to know Other *most* intimately & deeply,
to get out of the skin of self,
to expand beyond all of self's boundaries,
is to be yearning for the infinite knowing...

In this dance of soul-to-soul,
beauty & radiance melt together,
exquisitely corruscating
in divine replendence,
lustrous joy transforming us.

Oh souls blended in Divine bliss...
what *next*?!

Forever is still here.

Fairy Magick

Fairy Magic
Art Copyrighted by Jessica Galbreth
Link at bottom of page.

Never Quite the Same Dance!

In the intensitudes of this dance
souls abliss in the sea of divine being
loving soul-essences intermeshing,
all-blessing & all-blessed in this blissing
weaving together in lovingness
Love joining, invisibly,
as this dance expands & extends
in invitation to heed
the inner call to *be* this inweaving
in & in & so wondrously deeply in,
disappearing into each other,
soul-lovers, soul-shudderings of pure bliss
heart-cores love-opening, a fragrance divine...
a resplendence sublime...
no more alone... soul*home
in the Garden of Infinity...

It never ends... this soul-dance
to the stars... & beyond...

~~wynn manners

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