Dark Convergence Towards The Light's Ascent

Dark Convergence Towards The Light's Ascent
Art by Norman E. Masters

deep inweaving...

In harmonious intricacy, deep-inweaving
into intimate suddenness with You, Beloved,
more quickly than instantaneous
in & out of this & that aspect of You
as our time together passes differently
than clocks tick temporality --
in the silence of our breathing,
inhaling Your exhaling like a cosmic breeze
teasing in from another universe...

crystalline thought
vitalizing reflections
that mirror reflections of You
hologramming all-that-is...

It is abiding goodness to be able to draw near to You, Beloved,
to fall endlessly into You, assured of being embraced
in arms as deep as forever, as wide as infinity,
heavens in Your eyes, feeling holy of heart in You...
systole-ing Your diastole-ing

Over & under & sliding down rainbows
chasing eyes bright with dreams for soul*life's nurturing,
promising life's purposes will reach fruition
lovelife's overbrimming blessings
lifelove's cup of joy overflowing,

empty me full, again!

~~wynn manners

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