Rainbow Yantra

Art by Norman E. Masters


The Solar-Age Experience Summarized

by Michael Tobin and Caroline Kuijper

(1) THE COSMOS BEGINS WITH SPIRIT - PURE LIFE - Manifested through the Primal Qualities of Vitality/Love -- Will/Volition -- Intelligence/Wisdom. And the Cosmic Scheme is the Process of the Materialization of Spirit expressing its Trinity of Basic Qualities in material guise. Each developmental channel of this on-going Universal System of Becoming terminates with material forms which manifest most fully a particular configuration of these Primary Attributes. So the whole Cosmic Process is the step by step filling of every possible existential material niche until the original Primal Trinity are most fully expressed through the medium of material form -- when the Matter-Energy Media of the Cosmos have become totally etherealized -- have become material expressions of Love-Volition-Wisdom, the etherealized forms of Vitality-Will-Intelligence. Accordingly, the Cosmos is essentially Spiritual Being in Evolution.

(2) THE COSMIC EVOLUTIONARY PATTERN OF THE MATERIALIZATION OF SPIRIT manifests itself through two complementary sub-processes. There is firstly the evolving system of Psi-Matter Forms -- the hyper-space-time realm of "Psi-Streams" (spirits, oversouls, etc.). These are particularizations of Spirit -- psi-material forms which are embodiments of highly specific sets of the Primal Qualities. And the evolution of such Psi-Streams consists of the fullest possible development of their embodied Primal Quality Potential. This long process is actualized through the incarnation after incarnation of these eternal Psi-Streams in the dynamic matter-energy matrix of the Physical Space-Time Universe -- a chain of life-times in which the experiences of the diverse physical-matter personalities of each individual Psi-Stream contributes in a large or small way to the "soul-development" -- the actualization of the specific Divine Potential -- of their parent Psi-Matter Form/Process.

(3) EVERY HUMAN-BEING IS AN INDIVIDUAL MANIFESTATION OF IMMANENT SPIRIT in material form. And the Supreme Purpose of one's existence is to foster the fullest development of the specific spark of Primal Spiritual Quality Potential forming the core of each particular personality of our respective Psi-Streams. While a Psi-Stream enters upon a Cosmic stage of development at the point of "Enlightenment" when it becomes aware of the Supreme Purpose embodied in its Being and sets out not alone to promote the realization of this "local" Cosmic Goal but also -- out of love -- gives oneself totally to furthering the transcendent Divine Design.

(4) THE COSMIC PROCESS CAN BECOME FULLY KNOWN -- not via the Intellect -- but only in the experiencing of it through the living flesh of one's Total Self -- through experiencing the Life-Force rhythms streaming thru one's Body/Mind/Spirit system in harmony with the dynamic Beat of the wider Universal Process. How one's Body/Mind/Spirit system functions determines the nature of one's emotional/psychic structure -- determines how one experiences the Cosmos. A properly functioning Body/Mind/Spirit system is one which expresses with the least distortion the projection through the personality of the particular set of Primal qualities embodied in one's Psi-Stream. The expression of these Qualities is markedly distorted, for instance, in the case of a patriarchal person whose malfunctioning Body/Mind/Spirit system gives rise to a warped emotional/psychic structure. So such a person can only experience the Cosmic Process in a fragmented manner. And it was this lack of full bio-energetic contact with the Divine Dynamism of Mother Nature which caused the development of patriarchal religion -- in a vain attempt to re-create the lost "garden of eden" Cosmic Experience which formed the living spiritual basis on which the Matriarchal Culture of Natural Peoples -- in the hunting and food-gathering Tribal Past -- was founded.

(5) The Solar-Age Person, having a properly functioning Body/Mind/Spirit system and emotional/psychic structure, experiences the Cosmos holistically. Accordingly, the Solar-Age Reality-Matrix is qualitatively different from that of Patriarchal Society, while it has much in common with that of Matriarchal Culture -- but it is of a higher kind. So the Solar-Age person experiences the Cosmos as a great developing Spiritual Organism with every part of it embodying an element of Divinity -- giving it an intrinsic sacredness that demands respect and reverence. But only THAT which is truly life-positive and Nature-Affirmative can be sacred. For there is also EVIL in the Cosmos -- which arises when developed material forms with free-will strike out alone for their own individual aggrandizment and become "fallen angels", as it were. This is exactly what happens in the case of Patriarchal Man, more particularly, his final and most pathological form -- morally-insane Technocratic Man.

(6) Solar-Age Culture begins with the rearing of children in a Life-affirming way within the framework of wholly new kinds of social units. Such social units will be multi-marriage ones. And their communal structure and mode of functioning will be the collective product of life-positive women and men expressing the Solar-Age Vision in and through novel psycho-social developments which are most appropriate for the Solar-Age.

(7) A rapidly intensifying environmental and social crisis marks the birth of Solar-Age Culture. We are now in the end phase of the present inter-glacial epoch and the Earth's climate is changing towards "normal" much colder conditions. At the same time, Patriarchal Society is disintegrating exponentially -- with its final-form Technocratic institutions adopting a more and more anti-life character. On top of this, a species gap is developing with the emergence of the new humanoid form of Mulier/Homo sapiens noeticus -- the "Children of Spirit".

(8) The Term "Solar-Age" is not mystical in itself -- though it does have natural mystical aspects. In a Solar-Age context, the Earth is merely the Cradle of Humankind; for our natural homeland is the self-contained space-time archipelago we know as the Solar-System. And the Solar-Age is that phase in our evolution when Humanity becomes the means through which the existing mechano-physical Solar-System will be eventually transformed into a highly etherealized Matter-Energy Entity -- into a Solar-Psycho-Eco-System manifesting fully the particular set of Primal Qualities forming its essentially Spiritual Core.

(9) The material foundation of the Physical Universe is the mechano-physical level, with the self-ordering capacity of this basic plane expressing itself through the phenomenon of Gravitation. And on this Cosmic Stage is played out the main Drama of the Etherealization of Matter Energy through the development of fine-structured material forms. These are Atoms, Cells, Humanoids, and Solar-Psycho-Eco-Systems -- each fine-structured ethereal form being part of an exclusive plane of material interplay and yet each forming the indispensable basis for the development of the succeeding one. Hence, groupings of chemical Atoms find their highest collective potential realized in Cells, groupings of biological Cells express their fullest development in humanoid form, while groupings of the newly-emerging advanced humanoids will manifest their highest psycho-social potential in the form of a Solar-Psycho-Eco-System. And it can be expected that still higher etherealized material forms will arise out of groupings of Solar-Psycho-Eco-Systems in our Milky Way Galaxy... Such is the Summary of the Solar-Age Vision/Experience. The New Humanity -- the "Children of Spirit" --- has truly a most profound Cosmic Purpose embodied in its being. So, knowing what is involved in our Existence, let us not waste time in getting on with the actualization of our Destiny as "Star People".

Hmmmmm5, Art by Norman E. Masters

Harepark, Boyle, County Roscommon

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