World Chalice of the Wine of Life

Art by Norman E. Masters

The Wine of Eternity

Sophia Speaks:

I am the Light that informs all being;
I bring the very stones alive
across aeons of transformation.

I am the light*spark who is sown with*in,
I grow all living things (among them, humankind)
unto the Paradisical.

I am the fruit of gnosis and
I am the Tree of Eternal Life.

In me is Life Eternal.
I beget the Gods and Goddesses
and the Angels of the Lightsomeness of the All.

Come unto me & know me most deeply
& you shall be gathered unto the Heavenly Beings...

The stones, themselves, call out for my Light
and delight in its warmth.  Why, then,
is humankind deaf to my calling?

Will the stones become wiser than you?

For all the generations of eternity
I am the Truth that ever is...

Come to my Light and evolve your life
unto the Life of god/desses...

Every Christ comes from me, every daughter of Sophia
was birthed from my Womb of Spirit.
The Immortals sing my Wisdom -- for I am
the Wine of Eternity, I am the Manna of Heaven.

The Loving Father delights in my Truth forever;
my Children walk in the Eternal Light.

Waken into me and my radiance will
dance New Life within you.

Reverence, in purity & humility,
is the portal to my Holy of Holies.
The compassionate know me intimately.

And the abundance of my Radiance
will dwell within you forevermore.

~~~thru Norea St. John
March 6, 2001

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