In Your Radiance

In Your Radiance
art by Norman E. Masters

Mary Magdalene


1.) Begin the Story of Love
by Sonja Beckman

"Tell the Tale of what Really Happened
So Many Years Ago."

2.) All Our Closenesses Remembered
by wynn manners

"She was a richly textured being,
with no end to her inner layerings,
a mystical rose of infinite petals..."

3.) The Passion Of Our Love
by wynn manners

"In the passion of our loving
the all of my BodySong was his for the playing --
who was the Song & who was the singing?"

4.) Yeshua Upon Mary Magdalene
by wynn manners

"She was a heated bhakti.
The power to erupt in love surged in Magdalene..."

5.) heart-trysting
by wynn manners

"Secrecy wraps around this enchantment
in our embrace... You come to me
in the infinite Knowing..."

6.) His eyes twinkled...
by wynn manners

"His eyes twinkled with soft wonder as he spoke with her.
He saw a rootedness to her -- Bride of Earth
and Bride of Heaven, both --"

7.) Yeshua and Mirya
by wynn manners

"Miryai's eyes were stars of passion, burning for him.
Never had Yeshua met a woman like this, before."

8.) A Secret Ambience
by wynn manners

"She was an entrance into entracing wonderment,
a portal into the beyond...
a window of seeing,
an intuitive doorway to the future..."

9.) Once Upon A Timelessness
by wynn manners

"You are the Beloved, in the boundless spaces
of this heart-beating, this soul-speaking..."

10.) Love Croonings to Mary Magdalene
by wynn manners

"& o, our Mother of Truth is here in you,
blazing your heart afire, fountaining of
Her Spirit's desire..."

11.) Mary Magdalene, Chalice of Divine Love
by wynn manners

"You take me into the secret chambers of my being
to reveal the deepest secrets of my soul."

12.) In the Heart of the Mystical Rose
by wynn manners

"My soul is singing in the heart of the mystical Rose...
Light is rainbowing
thru each dewdrop on your petals, Beloved..."

13.) Spouse of Heaven, Come to Earth
by wynn manners

"You are blushing, now, Beloved, as i have whispered
these words, and your blush is a bloom
of sweetness spreading from your face..."

14.) The Wounded Flood
by wynn manners

"Before the sea of time you have to do the salt of tears.
The memory of Yeshua is like a diamond... dripping with blood."

15.) Once Upon An Eostre Morning
by wynn manners

"Silently & softly I have come unto you;
tenderly I have greeted you..."

16.) How Often She Would Remember...
by wynn manners

"Yeshua! Yeshua! to have you
again drink the delight of my smile
that you called heavenly..."

17.) His Gaze Upon The Sea
by wynn manners

"He said, once, that he was looking
into the sea of unknown possibilities...
all the variables of what could be."

18.) Living Mirror of Divine Bliss
by wynn manners

"...her earthiness
became his sacrament, grounding him, rooting him
into *Her*."

19.) Mystic Heart Moment With Magdalene
by wynn manners

"Tilling the bloodpaths of pain
to your own heart's wholeness..."

20.) To Enter The Deeper Sanctities
by wynn manners

"To be together, in Sacred Union,
is to enter the deeper sanctities of each other..."

To *Cosmic Mother, Wisdom's Lovers* To "Begin the Story of Love"