Sophia's Children

Sophia's Children

Art by Unknown

Children of Wisdom's Truth

The Children of Wisdom's Holy Truth
are in unity with Her and with each other.

The Womb of Mother Wisdom
nurtures divine perfection.

She is the heartbeat of the Heart of Hope,
She is Living Grace, 
the spiritual Essence of faith.

You cannot *possess* Her with your heart,
but you can *embrace* Her Infinity
letting it *infill* your heart
to become *one* with Her.

In Her freedom
is all joy-in-loving.

Those with Wisdom's deep understanding
bring forth Words of insight and beauty...
Her blessing is to walk in peace...

Those who embrace Wisdom
as Supreme Divine Mother
(or as most exquisite of Lovers!)
will be upheld by the strength of Wisdom.

It is an *inner* strength.

And in Her Wisdom growth is unending.

Those who are *one* with Wisdom
walk in all Her ways -- & are 
*most* considerate and compassionate.

Those who are one with Wisdom
are easily recognized:
for they *are*
the Living Fruits of Her Spirit.

~~norea st. john
January 6, 2002

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