Cosmic Jizming The Heart Of Light

Cosmic Jizming The Heart Of Light
Art by Norman E. Masters

The Time Spirit

Ah, the time-spirit... what does she know of forever? Forever is a precipice; eternity the endless abyss... If i fell into the Well of Forever would it never end?

The time-spirit sings the music of change...

The very rhythms of the seasons sing the ever-changing flux...

We are transitional beings; where we are is *not* where we want to ever-be...

We came *out* of the ever-Being to be *here* -- because we did not want to be Forever There, either!

O, we, who got bored with Heaven! We who *left* the Forever Paradise to enter, again, the mutability that wows the now! We refugees of the Pleroma -- why *did* we choose *this*, instead?!

Because the intensitudes of the heights are not fully known without the densitude of the depths.

Surfing the waves of the infinite we were allured by the tides of time & the dreams that burble between...

~~wynn manners
August 11, 2001

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