Flight To The Divine Nuptials

Flight To The Divine Nuptials
Art by Norman E. Masters

you are dressed in radiances, beloved...

i drink your beauty, i taste your kisses,
your radiance caresses/suffuses/penetrates me, beloved

i consume you with adoring eyes & tongue & all-wondering touch
you are my sacrament of hope, the wine of my mounting desire,
the fire of my longing, the bread of my need, the milk of my nativity,
the honey of your divine promise fulfilled,
the rainbow of our covenant, the tears of my joy,
the bliss, the beatitude, the rapturing

you ravish my soul, beloved -- you set me free into the wholeness

you come to me dressed in radiances, beloved...
like the light of the rising moon, enchantment clothes you
enchantment drapes you with layer upon layer of bridal veiling glory
for you are the Bride of Light come unto your Beloved
& the light is sweet upon you as my delight spreads over you
as radiance upon radiance, beloved... below you, above you, all around you...

i embrace you, & heaven comes alive in my arms
to fill all the skies of my longings... 
stars are in your eyes, beloved...
as the full abundance of your beauty presses against me
i feel your heart beat like tumult in your breast

i gaze at you in awe, blessing you
my heart leaping in exaltation...

~~wynn manners

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