Oval Petal Blue

Oval Petal Blue
Art by Norman E. Masters

Mystic Heart Moment
With Magdalene

In Her Garden out of time
this mystic heart moment
in vision sublime...

& you are Eve of Life --
it all comes from you,
birthing new meanings,

You fulfill the love
you are in sacred union,
dear Mary Magdalene...

Across the vastitudes of time...
reincarnate lifetimes...
all you have desired --
so contradictory!

Tilling the bloodpaths of pain
to your own heart's wholeness...

Divinely feminine in the ChristHeart
you *are* the feminine
face of Christ.

You restore the wholeness,
the fullness, the wisdom --
when you come wholly
into your own...

...this love
that will not
let you go...

but sweeps you up
into a sense
of *passionate* aliveness!

When you walk
you are surrounded
with angelic presences
singing their life*songs
of beauty & joy.

You illuminate the world
with your love;
you *are* Sophia's
Living Love, enfleshed,
feeling renewed, again.

*Feel* it in you!
-- all that you are!
Earth's radiant star!

~~wynn manners
Mary Magdalene Feast Day

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