Crescendo Of The Heart

Crescendo Of The Heart
Art by A. Andrew Gonzalez
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To be enrapt in Your wonder...

How can my mind cease reflecting upon Your wonders, Beloved?
To be enrapt in Your wonder is the awe of my longing...
To be savoring Your sweetness is the song of my singing
To be flying *into* Your forever is the height of my winging...

If i were to wish one wish upon even the most distant of stars
it would be to never cease searching for the depths of Your secrets.

Your Mystery enchants me; & as long as aspiration can be
let me be seeing with an ever-deeper insight into Thee...

Be Thou the good Counsel of all my days; be Thou the abiding Presence upon my way;
let Your Wisdom eternally flow to set aglow the shrine of this heart's knowing
where just to revel amidst Your marvels feeds this inner need of growing...

To desire to comprehend Thee, Bride of Light,
is for the finite to seek to encompass the Infinite;
& yet Your Seed within me -- I AM! -- Sources the matrix of even this potential.

i have tasted the sweet taste of Your kisses
& have found nothing sweeter than the Wine of Your Truth,
the honey of Your delectation, my soul's Bride!

~~wynn manners

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